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With the new Xiaomi Mini LED Gaming Monitor G Pro 27i, Xiaomi today presents its new premium quality pen. about this Xiaomi Ballpoint PenA new pen with Swiss technology and high quality Japanese ink, minimalist design and very simple operation.

Very light weight 9.3 grams And the perfect balance Very convenient and fast writing, the new Xiaomi ballpoint pen is presented with a truly minimalist design, in which the white color that the brand is already accustomed to dominates. Besides, It includes a retractable designThis eliminates the need for lids.

Xiaomi Ballpoint Pen, a high-precision spring-loaded ballpoint pen with quick-drying smudge-free writing

The new Xiaomi ballpoint pen debuts with a high-precision spring-loaded ball tip. This ditch with youThe writing accuracy is just 0.5 mm, carefully manufactured with Swiss Micron machines. In addition, its fountain prevents ink leakage, Prevents the inside from drying out..

Xiaomi presents its new premium pen with Swiss technology and Japanese ink.  Xiaomi news addicts

And, inside we see A Japanese ink cartridgeOne capable of guaranteeing Clean, smudge-free, smooth and quick-drying writing. According to its specifications, it does not smudge even after exposing the ink to water.

Xiaomi hasn’t announced its pricing at this time, though it will hit the global market in the coming days. Besides, It is sold in a pack of 10 units without the possibility of changing the ink inside.They promise to last a long time.

More information at: Mi.com

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