2024 increase in the minimum wage in Peru: what it depends on, the Minister of Economy announced and more | Answers

The President and the President of the Republic, In BoluarteSalary hike for nurses and obstetricians announced on November 25, 2023. For higher education teachers till December last year. The head of state indicated that around 300 million soles will be invested to achieve the announced salary increase.

“It is with great satisfaction that I announce that there will be a fourth increment for nurses and midwives. The hike will take effect in December and will benefit 140,000 workers., he said during his participation in “Let's Act Now! Let's protect women from sexual violence”

Even though the government has taken these measures in respect of government employees, majority of people expect similar measures to be announced along with hike in minimum wages.

What did the Economy and Finance Minister say about the minimum wage hike?

According to Economy and Finance Minister Jose Arista, the increase issue can be discussed based on economic indicators such as economic indicators. improve.

“This is not the time to discuss raising the minimum wage. Hopefully the economy will pick up speed this semester, and in the second semester, once it is consolidated, it will be a topic to talk about the increase.“, he reiterated in a conversation with RPP.

The government has officially announced the salary hike for health professionals

The government has officially announced a salary hike for health professionals, which will be effective from December. . It said that it will not suspend the indefinite strike until the unions accept and publish the above rule.

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“In the coming days, after the recently approved 2024 budget legislation in the Republican Congress, another executive order will be issued authorizing the payment of outstanding salary differentials to the group of health professionals”The Ministry of Health said in an official statement.

How much will the minimum wage increase in Peru?

The basic salary under Labor Wages is currently 1,025 feet, but although President Tina Polwart announced the change in salary, she did not give further details on the amount, adding that efforts will be made to reach a consensus among the parties involved. The benefit of the people of Peru.

What is the current minimum wage in Peru?

According to current statistics (2023), the minimum wage in the Peruvian labor market is 1,025 feet. This basic salary is usually reduced by an amount related to AFP (Pension Fund Administrator's Contribution), the percentage of which varies depending on the salary received. It is also important to take into account the details of your contract and employment regime to calculate your net income.

When was the last salary increase given?

The last change in the salary scale occurred in May 2022 under the government of Pedro Castillo. Pursuant to the decree of the former President, the Decree N°03-2022-TR This resulted in an increase of 95 feet in the RMV (Minimum Living Wage). Hence, the scale of minimum wages has been increased from the basic 930 feet to 1,025 feet.

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