Rolex Case: Nation's Attorney Responds to Congress for Tina Polwart's Trial

Wilfredo Escorima will be summoned to the prosecutor's office

Prosecutor Juan Carlos Villena announced that the official must appear on April 4 within the framework of the trial that follows against the head of state, due to the connections between the governor of Ayacucho, Wifredo Oscorima, and the president, Dina Boluarte.

As recalled, a notable fact is that in the Quarto Poder report released days ago, Ascorima disclosed that he bought a Rolex watch whose certificate is the same model that Pollarde bought; However, it does not show proof of product purchase.

Disputes in Supervisory Authority

With 7 votes in favor, the commission of inquiry, led by Segundo Mondalvo, was approved to request privileges and give it 70 days to prepare a report against President Tina Bolavart.

However, different legislators questioned the tally and demanded a review Adjourned till next session.

The nation's attorney concludes the presentation before the supervisory commission

After his intervention before the Oversight Commission, the head of the Public Ministry limited himself to confirming that the investigation against President Tina Polwart had been expanded and related to the deaths during the anti-government protests.

When asked about the raid, which is considered a media event for legislators, he insisted The diligence was “constitutional and proportionate.”

They request the incorporation of Wilfredo Ascorima

Member of Parliament Alex Flores questioned that the governor of Ayacucho, Wilfredo Ascorima, had not yet been included. Despite the facts linking it to the President's Rolexes. In response, the Attorney General assured that the above data covers the point highlighted in the note. Infobae Peru“They are taken into account in the investigation.”

The national prosecutor has not ruled out new trials

Before the Oversight Commission, the Head of the Public Ministry declared that only his office had the authority to investigate him during his presidency. However, other areas may initiate proceedings for proceedings before the time in administration.

Dina Boluarte surrounded: the prosecutor's office announces that it is investigating, in addition to Rolex, jewelry worth 556 thousand US dollars, millions in her accounts and more.

The head of the Public Ministry, Juan Carlos Villena, announced this during his address to the Congressional Oversight Commission. “On April 1, the factual framework of the allegation was expanded,” he said.

The Nation's attorney announced that Tina Polwart is being investigated for possession of a fancy bracelet. TV Congress

Advocate of the Nation, Juan Carlos VillanaThe President said on Tuesday In Boluarte Not only was its collection investigated Rolex watches Undeclared, but the increase in assets found in her affidavits, the expensive jewelry she wore on official occasions and deposits of unknown origin. Financial Intelligence Unit (UIF) identified in their bank accounts.

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Juan Carlos Villena did not rule out that the leak was external

The head of the public ministry recalled Security and personnel from Peru's National Police also had access to the minutes of the raid, Therefore, it cannot be ruled out that the leak to the media is coming from these sources.

The Nation's Advocate referred to the leaks of investigations carried out by the Public Ministry. TV Congress

The Prosecutor of the Nation responds to the inquiry of Dina Boluarte

The National Prosecutor, Juan Carlos Villena, in his sworn statements a An increase of more than 432 thousand soles in 2 years, A 56 thousand dollar Cartier braceletsy Jewelry worth more than $500,000. Also, one million and 100 dollars of unknown origin has been deposited from his bank accounts since his tenure as minister.

The Nation's attorney announced that Tina Polwart is being investigated for possession of a fancy bracelet. TV Congress

Hector Panchero requests rescheduling

The owner of Casa Panchero, the sole distributor of Rolex watches in Peru, also did not attend the supervisory commission. He requested that his summons be rescheduled to April 9.

Hector Panchero is away from acquiring Tina Boulevard with his company.

Lady Gammons goes to the Oversight Commission to protect Cesar Aguna

The head of the Subcommittee on Constitutional Impeachments appeared before the Oversight Commission when Governor Cesar Aguna of La Libertad refused to be invited.

The MP questioned that he was called a day earlier without considering that he had a scheduled agenda as an officer. Help three days in advance.

The MP defended his party leader's absence. | Infobay

Hector Velar proposes the creation of a commission of inquiry

Congressman Hector Velar proposes the creation of a commission of inquiry In order to exercise political control overtly and to go to the office of President Tina Bolavarte.

This, after the President sent A A letter saying that I will not participate in that working committee Because the prosecutor's office is already investigating the fancy watches he wears.

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Hector Velar defends Pedro Castillo. Photo: AFP/Juan Pablo Azabache

Monitoring Commission begins

Members of Parliament They question the absence of President Tina Polwarte. It is worth noting that the Head of State had already announced on various occasions that he would not answer questions related to the Rolex case in any case other than the Public Prosecutor's Office.

Members of Congress Criticize Tina Polwarte for Not Attending Oversight Commission TV Congress

Lawyer Juan Carlos Villena came to Congress

The head of the National Prosecutor's Office responded to the oversight committee's call to target President Tina Polwarte in the Rolex case.

Head of Public Ministry comes to Congress. | Infobae Peru (Camila Calderón) / Congress

Doubts that Tina Polwarte will be in Congress

Archive photo of Peru's President Tina Polwarte. EFE/Paolo Aguilar No sales in the EPA zone

Despite the headline-making interest and the pressure on the President to clarify the status of the luxury items he is increasingly displaying, none of the three invitees to the session have confirmed, even after test-like measures. As in the previous case, the head of the public ministry is expected to send his representative in charge of the investigation, the same Deputy Supreme Prosecutor Hernán Mendoza.

As it is known, in the context of recent events, the President requested that the date of his report before the General Ministry be brought forward in order to speed up the processes; However, Villena Campana's final decision was to reject it, establishing the final date for taking the report on the following Friday, April 5.

What is each quote expected to talk about?

Dina Boluarte is without an apartment: the owner of Casa Banchero denies that she is his client. Infobae composition

Among the requests made to the president by the oversight commission, Boluarte requested “a report on reports that have circulated in various media in recent days regarding the use of items of great value such as Rolex watches.” Likewise, the President is expected to “report on the interventions carried out by the Ministry of Public Affairs and the High Complexity Crime Investigation Unit (DIVIAC) at his home and at his residence at Government House”.

Meanwhile, in the presence of prosecutor Juan Carlos Villena, the officer is expected to “report on the publication of the proceedings and the leak in various media as the head of criminal proceedings and director of the investigation in the case of Mrs. Tina Ersilia Poluarte Zegarra. The requests come as the president and the defense filed complaints about leaks during proceedings led by Deputy Solicitor General Hernán Mendoza on the night of March 29.

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It should be remembered that none of the mentioned three have confirmed their presence before this executive committee to date, for which there are already requests from several members of Congress to turn the oversight into an investigative committee. The purpose is to more carefully review the facts built into the Rolex scandal, which the president refuses to talk about.

Tina Poluarte, Juan Carlos Villena and the owner of Casa Banjero were invited to the Congress.

Dina Boluarte and Juan Carlos Villena have been invited to the Study Group. Infobae composition.

A day after the Prime Minister demanded a confidence vote Gustavo AdriansenA Congressional Oversight Commission has subpoenaed the President In Boluarte appears in the company. The reason for this visit, while roughly conjectured, without actually announcing them, is for the President to once again explain the appearance of the luxurious Rolex watches he has worn at various public and formal events. Price at S/118,000 soles, estimated Office of the National Prosecutor. The session begins on Tuesday, April 2 at 3:00 p.m

The same session of the Monitoring Commission, in the presence of Attorney General Juan Carlos Villena Campana, is scheduled for the second time in a row. His presence has been sought to explain details of the illegal encroachment on the President's residence and the encirclement carried out by the Constitutional Complaints Division. In Boluarte.

During the session, the presence of the manager of Casa Panchero was also scheduled, who announced in front of the Public Ministry that President Tina Poluarte had not bought any of the four Rolexes identified in his collection. This revelation leaves two possibilities, one is that the president acquired the luxury watches in Peru through someone else; Or he acquired them on one of his countless travels while buying abroad. In both cases, the President did not declare any of the Articles sufficient.

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