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Angry claims of Frank Navarro Towards referee Joel Alarcon and his first assistant Harlem Gocha, clearly describing everyone’s discomfort. ADT After defeat against Bilateral game Guillermo Briceño at Rosamedina stadium. Also, a lack of concentration led to Jeferson Cáceres scoring, as Dorma’s side put in a perfect performance in Juliaca. Unfortunately they had to suffer the bitter taste of not allowing a proper goal in the first half, which upsets the entire analysis of the match.

That’s why Peppen’s reaction was to go out of his way to not tolerate a huge injustice when the refs talked about the roster. It all came to a head when the 18th minute of Dedication was ticking away when ‘Bye’ won a corner kick. After Victor Cetron’s penalty, Janio Posito grabbed the ball – after Gonzalo Rizzo’s header – and beat goalkeeper Diego Enriquez. It was 0-1 for the visiting team.

However, despite Alarcon confirming the goal, Kocha raised his flag to blame Posito’s improved positioning. Images from the match broadcast showed the opposite as the 33-year-old striker was clearly directed and did not take advantage of his location to harm Enriquez.

Binacional vs. Referee controversy after Janio Posito’s disallowed goal in the match. ADT. (Video: League 1 Max)

The move stayed on Franco Navarro’s retina and he didn’t forget it until the final whistle. The process continued throughout both periods, with ADT creating some dangerous moves in its own half from counterattacks led by Kevin Cerna and Diego Morales. In response, Binacional tried to equip the fight with Brandon Palacios and Brian Fernandez.

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It wasn’t until the 88th minute that Dario Franco’s team found a way to score. After a quick period of play that saw Dorma’s men in dire straits, Anthony Rosell set up Jefferson Caceres for the only goal of the night. The rain didn’t stop them from celebrating as Juliaquino’s men went on to add their third straight win on home soil.

The end of the match was dramatic, with ADT beating Pinacional and local defenders defending Enriquez’s goal. The returns of Hernan Rengifo and Victor Perlaza only served to feed the illusion of a possible tie, which never came. As a result, unfair to Navarro and all the Torma, the ‘pie’ reaches 12 units and moves from the last places. The ‘Celestial Gal’, for his part, added his third fight without a win and was left with 16 points.

Binational vs. ADT: Postgame

Binational vs. ADT: Rows

Binational vs. ADT: Minute by Minute

Binational vs. ADT: Game Preview

The ‘Powerful of the South’ comes into this match after falling 1-0 against Cantolao on Matchday 15 of the Peruvian tournament. Dario Franco’s side played a sensible match in which they were beaten by their rival, who scored through striker Gabriel Leese.

With this result, Binacional is in seventeenth place in the standings (2 wins, 3 draws and 7 losses). Their last win was a 4-2 win over Alianza Atlético last Sunday, April 30.

ADT, for its part, is coming off a 1-1 draw against Alianza Atlético as a visitor. Franco Navarro’s men played well, sharing the points against ‘Vendaval’. Nestor Fernandez scored for the home team while Hernan Rengifo equalised.

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Unlike Binacional, Dorma’s cast is doing well in the charts. 4 wins, 4 draws and five losses so far in the 2023 opener have moved them up to 12th place with 16 points.

Notably, the last time the two teams met was in the Clausura 2023. On that occasion, ADT won by a narrow margin against Pinacional thanks to a goal from Kevin Serna.

Binational vs. ADT: Competitive Lineups

  • Two countries: Diego Enriquez; Jack Duran, Steve Mena, Jonathan Murillo, Joseph Rosell; Freddie Ongai, Angel Rosemary, Edson Aubert, Hoover Crespo, Brandon Castles; Brian Fernandez.
  • ADT: Ignacio Barrios; Emilio Saba, Gonzalo Rizzo, Gu Choi, Cesar Inga; Christian Velarde, Jorge Palomino; Kevin Cerna, Victor Cetron, Daniel Morales; Janio Posito.

Binational vs. ADT: Competitive Times

  • Peru: 6:00 p.m
  • Colombia: 6:00 p.m
  • Ecuador: 6:00 p.m
  • Argentina: 8:00 p.m
  • Chile: 7:00 p.m
  • Brazil: 8:00 p.m

Binational vs ADT: Where will the match be played?

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