5 Ways AI Can Help You in Your Day-to-Day

5 Ways AI Can Help You in Your Day-to-Day

The year 2022 marks the before and after of artificial intelligence, but the truth is that it has been with us even before we could have imagined it. This May 13, AI Day, we bring you five examples that show how this technology is making our lives easier.

At that time what we could only imagine in science fiction was able to permeate our lives to the extent that it became essential. To this extent We celebrate 13th May as Artificial Intelligence DayIn honor of this technology that has revolutionized our lives.

Needless to say ChatGPTHe chatbot D OpenAI, O Give it to her These are some of the technologies that have reignited the debate on AI, to the extent that the RAE chose “Artificial Intelligence”. Word of the year 2022.

However, Philip K. Beyond these terms, which remind us of the futuristic literature of Dick or Isaac Asimov, is the fact that there are many artificial intelligence tools available today. They can make our lives easier. the key? Identify them to get the most out of them.

To mark the occasion, we are revealing them Five Everyday Examples of How Artificial Intelligence Can Help You in Your Day-to-Day and You Didn’t Know Take note!

Integrate into new environments

As we become closer to those who are far away, Internet and social networks They have proven to be an essential tool. And it just got better Since the arrival of 5G In 2020.

However, at a time marked by constant change, it is common to see a desire to connect with new places and meet new people, whether it is because we have moved to a different city or country or need a change of scenery. .

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Can you imagine how artificial intelligence can help us? Easy: through apps and tools that provide us Personalized recommendationsdirectly or indirectly.

In addition to classic search engines (yes, Google or Bing also use AI), apps like Four square oh Google Maps They can take us to explore the places of our interest. When we open our circle, others want Tinder, meet me oh Pablo They can give us a better cable for their algorithms designed to “match” with like-minded people.

Need to find a job

Whether you have just entered the world of work or you already have seniorJob hunting is always a difficult process. But don’t panic! Because artificial intelligence is capable of simplifying this task.

as? For example, we can believe ChatGPT for Improve our curriculum. and access the sites we use AI and Big Data to provide enhanced information Latest job offers distributed by geographical area.

This is exactly how it works Employment MapThe interactive platform we developed from Fundación Telefónica uses both technologies to deliver Last minute updates on the most in-demand vacancies and skills around digital industries in real timeDistributed in different provinces of Spain.

In addition, there are chatbots Like ours Virtual Expert AdvisorTrained to learn from your conversations through Natural Language Processing (NLP) so that you can give a Individual employment counseling Tailor specific training based on your strengths and our needs.

Get advice and attention 24/7

and speaking chatbotsDo you know them? One of the oldest forms of AI? He First of all Developed by a German doctor in 1966 Joseph WeidbaumA genius from MIT, her name is Eliza.

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Apart from this, the truth is that virtual assistants are one of the most used artificial intelligences because of them Efficiency, versatility and customization capabilities. Especially in fields like finance, e-commerce, leisure or health and wellness.

Likewise, as happens with a virtual expert advisor, the Bots Chat apps are often available 24/7 and are truly accessible.

Improve social content

Content is one of the best opportunities artificial intelligence leaves us with because it helps us To reduce the digital divideEspecially in the case of the elderly or groups with hearing, visual or cognitive impairments.

For example, voice assistants like Siri or Alexa allow us to bring web content closer to these groups. To improve understanding of textual contents, we have Easy readingA language model is its purpose Improves accessibility of texts on the Internet For people with difficulties.

This is possible by converting to audio via Pluginsor from other sites that offer writing alternatives Easy.

Likewise, it allows adding between different languages ​​thanks to AI Real time translation, through text and voice recognition. See example Deep L oh Google Lens (The latter is capable of translating even texts in support Offline)

Improve our work and time

Why not lean ChatGPT oh Give it to her Want to make the most of our time and skills?

If we use them wisely, both these and other AIs can be very useful in motivating us and making us more efficient in our daily routine. For example, the OpenAI tool is very useful Understand legal and bureaucratic documents, such as employment contracts, labor contracts or drafting income statements. Undoubtedly, one that enhances our inner security.

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