600 soles bonus: Congress debates tomorrow a proposal to approve a subsidy for public sector employees

Centralized collective agreement 2023-2024 includes bonuses for public sector employees. Photo: October 19

Four months have passed since the 2023-2024 centralized collective agreement was signed between the government and the most representative trade union centers in the country. Confedep, National Union of State Sector Unions (Unasse), Interstate Confederation of State Workers of Peru (quote), National Federation of Public Employees of Peru (Conasep) and CTE Peru.

As part of the agreements, a S/600 bonus 562,000 to public sector employees. To make this grant possible, The Administrative authority Given to Congress, on September 22, Bill No. for supplementary loans to finance this expenditure. 5997. In that context, the Budget Committee It recently approved a favorable opinion on the initiative, and it is already scheduled for discussion Plenary session tomorrow, Friday, October 20.

Subsidiary loan scheme including bonus for public sector employees is on the full agenda. Photo: Congress

Chairman of National Confederation of State Workers of Peru (CONFEDEP), Edward FloresWelcoming this move, Confedep State Central continues to manage approval for the S/600 money supply in Parliament.

“The Committee of Spokespersons agreed to include the above bill in the full agenda. On Thursday, October 19, 2023, it will be approved by the plenary session of Parliament, and then Congress will send the signature to the executive branch to be promulgated in the official gazette El Peruano,” the president said.

An additional credit plan that includes it is on today’s agenda in Parliament. Photo: Congress

Previous contact with infobay peru, Flores Alarcón, they held earlier meetings to complete the S/600 grant quickly and more effectively. Chairman of the Parliamentary Budget Committee, Jose Geri Somos Perú’s, as he noted, immediately provided a positive response to make the project viable.

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“In addition to looking at other issues for the 2024 General Budget Act, we received assurances from Congressman Jerry that this bill will be passed soon. Unless that happens (delayed) that too will be debated Economic Commission”, he assured this editorial board.

It has been announced that the minimum basic pay of public sector employees will be increased by 100 soles and an exceptional bonus of 600 soles will be paid in July and August. | RPP

This exceptional bonus, which will be paid only once in the fiscal year 2023, is not a salary, is exempt from social charges, is not pensionable in nature, and is not part of the calculation of labor benefits. To be a beneficiary S/600 bonusworkers The three levels of government must have the following requirements:

  • Have employment from June 30, 2023.
  • In the case of national government institutions and regional governments, beneficiaries must be registered in the computerized application for centralized registration of payroll and public sector human resources data (AIRSHP) of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF).
  • Municipal employee should appear in electronic form (PDT Plamee) in charge of Ministry of Labor and Employment Development (MTPE).

This exceptional bonus is designed for employees at three levels of government namely 728, 276, CAS, Civil Service Act, Special Public Life, Prison Service of the Republic and Consular Service.

To be a beneficiary of the S/600 bonus, workers must have an employment relationship from June 30, 2023. Photo: Andina

Those who do not get S/600 bonus are those who hold administrative positions or trustworthy, as well as fit the general qualities of a public servant. This group will not be eligible for grant.

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He Centralized Collective Agreement 2023-2024Signed on June 30, it indicates that state employees will receive a monthly increase in their salaries starting January 1, 2024. The increase will cost S/100 and will be carried out in two fleets: in January it will increase from S/ 50 and from December other S/50 will be in force.

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