The MTC warned that the movement of passenger transport vehicles will be prohibited in the Pasamayo serpentine from January 1 | Peru | Latest | | lime

He Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) with a view to strengthening the safety of passenger transport service users, reminded drivers. Through access and circulation control Basmayo roll.

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By Published in El Peruano, MTC was established Continuation of control measures between kilometers 44 and 75 of the Panamericana Norte highwayIn Huaral Province, 24 hours a day from January 1, 2024 to December 31, 2025.

During that period, Public transport units such as minibuses, minibuses and buses should ply in Pasamayo variation.Vehicles that provide public transport services in all its modes are well designed and capable of being used.

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This measure is implemented while studies are being developed to modify and/or widen the Panamericana Norte highway.. During its validity, the regulation is subject to permanent evaluation in order to provide necessary complementary measures.

The National Police of Peru is responsible for controlling compliance with the regulation, in coordination with the Superintendent of Land Transport of People, Goods and Goods (Sutran). Additionally, The measure should be used by the regional and provincial authorities responsible for issuing the respective authorizations..

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Directorate General of Multimodal Transport Policies and Regulation of MTC Requests necessary information from relevant national and local authoritiesAs well as the Road Concession Agency, to evaluate possible changes to the ban.

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