A trip to the stratosphere is thanks to a Spanish company

A Spanish company works Commercial missions to space With a view to making them available 2025. In this framework, the Spanish company in question, Hello SpaceIt has already successfully launched its second battery Test flights In California, USA. Once necessary permissions are obtained, Rehearsal started Cutback in a dry lake. It is an area where test flights of both civil and military nature are routinely carried out.

This task is complicated because it makes it possible for thousands of people Peek into space. However, this Spanish company is about to achieve it. At all times the main objective is to test Descent and Descent System With a paraglider-type steerable parachute. A capsule has been lifted to a height of about 2000 meters by helicopter to carry out this test. Descent speed is less than 5 meters per second and it has a glide rate of 3.5 to 1 meter.

What does the capsule look like?

The capsule is 5 m in diameter and three and a half meters tall, and has capacity for eight people. And by that, the intention is there Earth can be seen from outside the atmosphere. If we analyze the characteristics of this journey, its duration will be six hours The same comfort than a commercial airline. But, its price is high.

The first tests and displays from inside the capsule have already been carried out to attract. Seeing the Earth from outside the atmosphere, seeing the Earth’s arc or seeing the Earth’s blue halo is an opportunity not many people can afford.

There are other ideas in mind

We are already thinking about one, as this capsule that allows space travel has already been launched New planStarlab is a new generation space station designed in Europe and ready for it 2029.

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This potential new machine can instead of to an existing one. From there, research will continue, and they will be open to all kinds of applications. Go to the space station to visit.

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