A woman is confused to find her husband evaluating her in an excel file | Viral

A woman is confused to find her husband evaluating her in an excel file |  Viral

Excel project It is a very important tool for measuring and analyzing all types of quantitative and qualitative documents; For this reason it is widely used by students and workplaces, so it is used to measure the behavior of a person, in this case, your spouse, as follows: Virus history.

While searching for files on her husband’s computer, a woman finds a box Excel Contains a detailed list of assessments of her in different aspects of her life. From her physical appearance to her domestic skills and performance at work, this chart reveals how her husband evaluates her systematically and thoroughly.

This is a strange case Sam FloraryA young woman Mexico Identity @samflorari3It ended up being more than a surprise when the file was found among the documents stored on the computer.

Her testimony went viral, in which she tells of discovering her ex-partner had a table. Excel There she “qualifies as a wife”, and what is interesting is that her name was next to a tab where another woman’s name also appeared.

He accidentally borrows her laptop

According to her, when she urgently needed to use a computer, it happened that all she had in her hand was her then partner’s laptop. He admitted that while he was working, he found the document with his name on it, so he didn’t hesitate to open it.

She went through her husband’s laptop and found an Excel file where everything he did was graded. (Photo: @samflorari3 / TikTok)

As is known, it often happens in many cases that checking the couple’s electronic devices is tantamount to many surprises, and this time is no exception.

“I got on the computer and started doing what I needed to do, so I saved the file in ‘My Documents’ and I opened ‘My Documents’ to look at the file and I see a folder with my name on it and under a folder with another girl’s name on it.He recalled.

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His every move is “worthy”.

After opening the document, the user explained what he found A list of activities where you are awarded points for performing certain actions.

“I see in that Excel, there was a heading with my full name, it was: cooking, washing, ironing, fearing God, in bed, as a mother… There were about 20 items, and it had 3 columns. : Bad, Regular and Good. Then he would give the ratings, and depending on the rating he gave, he would color green, yellow, or red.”The woman pointed out.

“Ned pushed me and I opened the other girl’s file and it was from his ex-girlfriend. At least I came out better than her, I got like eight”he added.

The story doesn’t end there, Sam assures that he decided to confront his then-partner: “I told him, ‘I’m going to apologize to you for violating your privacy, but I found this file, I opened it, and I saw what you did. It seems to me that the web is very pulled by the hair. The guy’s pants fell down in embarrassment, and he didn’t even know what to say to me: ‘Forgive me, because I can cool all my thoughts, I don’t know what’, that’s like saying it’s okay. To do it. Cheating on his wife in Excel”.

The Viral Story of a Woman Classified as a Wife in an Excel File

Florary’s story went viral with over a million and a half views and, as expected, generated all kinds of reactions among users.

“Of course he’s an engineer or risk analyst”; “I don’t know what’s wrong with that, we all do it, not in Excel, but we do it”; “If the net is a good idea, it should be from both sides, and from there you can see how both can improve”; “Oh wow, I should rename it to Excel,” people wrote.

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The woman, who is now in another relationship, recalled the incident with humor and, in case of doubt, confirmed that her ex-husband was an engineer.

When was Excel developed?

Microsoft announced the first version of Excel for Mac in 1985 and the first version for Windows in 1987. Over time, its functions and benefits have evolved with computer interfaces and operating systems.

What is Excel used for?

Excel is a spreadsheet application developed by Microsoft. Due to its wide range of functions it is widely used in professional and personal settings. Here are some important Excel applications:

  • Data Management and Analysis: Excel allows you to organize, store and manipulate large amounts of data. You can perform mathematical calculations, create formulas, filter and sort data, and use statistical functions for analysis and decision making.
  • Charting and Visualizing Data: You can visualize your data using charts, graphs, and pivot tables in Excel. It helps in understanding and presenting information in a more effective manner.
  • Budgeting and Financial Planning: Excel is widely used for creating and managing personal, business and financial budgets. You can track income and expenses, perform credit calculations, create amortization schedules, and perform financial analysis.
  • Business Analysis: Excel is used for business analysis, which allows companies to create forecasting, trend analysis, profitability analysis and financial models and what-if scenarios.
  • Project Management: Excel is used to plan and track projects. You can create schedules, set dates, assign tasks, track progress, and manage project resources.
  • Task Automation: Excel has automation features such as macros and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) that allow you to create custom solutions and automate repetitive tasks.
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What can you do in Excel?

A good knowledge of Excel opens doors for any person or business to simplify their tasks. Some of the advantages of using this tool are:

  • Register databases.
  • Create data graphs and pivot tables.
  • Do math calculations.
  • Calculate the budget.
  • Create accounting reports.

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