Advincula and Cavani’s introduction to Boca Juniors: From Uruguayan’s scolding to warm embrace in Peruvian best goal

Advincula and Cavani’s introduction to Boca Juniors: From Uruguayan’s scolding to warm embrace in Peruvian best goal
Cavani condemns Advincula in Boca Juniors vs Nacional match. (Sports Centre)

From competitors to partners. Signed weeks ago Edinson Cavani Boca Juniors, in this way, is the new partner of the attack Louis Advincula. The two players, who have faced each other on several occasions at national team level, one defending Peru and the other Uruguay, starred in the qualifiers. ‘xeneize’ For the quarter finals Copa Libertadores 2023.

He ‘The Matador’ Made his club debut ‘Blue and Gold’ Yesterday, Wednesday, August 9, for the eighth round of the international competition against National and The ‘ray’ He joined him in the department Pomponera. The first was a center forward and the second, as usual, served as a winger in the five-row.

Firstly ‘Perlite’ Exited by two members of the team George Almiron It was from a corner kick. Cavani went down to defend the corner and stood very close to the near post of his goal, however, he realized that his teammates were not focused on the game. For this reason, it began to attract their attention.

Edinson Cavani was unable to score on his debut with Boca Juniors (REUTERS / Agustin Marcarian).

The striker is putting his experience at the disposal of the Argentine team to deal with the situation. For example, he put his hands on his head and gestured to think. Later, as Advincula prepared to go to his post, he took the opportunity to say two things to calm him down. “Enough, think!”.

From hot moment to emotion. A few minutes later, A member of the Peruvian team was sent with a big goal that caused various reactions from the international press. popular ‘nail’ It was spherical within the area, and he defined it by placing his less able leg, the left, round among a sea of ​​legs. It was 2-1 in favor of the locals.

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‘fight’ He shot out to celebrate very close to the stands, followed by his teammates, who were overwhelmed by his immense emotion. One last hug ‘Incaic’ It was Edinson, who held his new partner for several seconds, remembering a postcard. Photo representing the good atmosphere at La Ribera Club.

Edinson Cavani hugs Luis Advincula amid Peruvian celebrations for his goal against Nacional.

Fans flocked to La Bombonera to watch Edinson Cavani’s debut, but they ended up fantasizing about Luis Advincula’s performance. The Uruguayan had a clear chance to score his first goal with Argentina, but he lacked accuracy. Something the Peruvian didn’t miss during his commitment against ‘pocket’.

In 12 minutes, He ‘Incaic’ He was flanked by his teammates, raised his head and took a cross, which could calmly be considered an aerial pass, for forward Miguel Merentiel to head home and open the scoring in the key..

Then, in the 47′, the Uruguayans settled on the field after the break ‘nail’ Surprised everyone. National player after association Valentine’s Boat Y Frank Fabra, he found the round and defined with his left foot. His two goals allowed Boca to decide it all with a penalty, where he earned a pass to the quarter-finals.

The Peruvian winger scored a 2-0 win against the Uruguayans in the Conmebol International. (Video: ESPN)

Luis Advincula’s season in terms of numbers is already the best of his career, surpassing the six goals he scored at Sporting Crystal in 2009. So far, the 33-year-old has three goals and four assists. All his scores were in the Copa Libertadores, making him Boca’s top scorer in this international campaign. A good moment for Peru that could reflect on the debut of the qualifiers.

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