AFP Retirement 2024: Access to 4 UITs in first half of year?, Latest News | How do I know which AFP I belong to?

The seventh recall is still pending ratification, and we encourage you to continue reading this note if you want to know when it will be discussed.

Find news related to the AFP 2024 retreat in Peru here. | Photo: Libero Mix

During the COVID-19 pandemic, members of the Pension Fund Administrators (AFP) have been empowered to voluntarily access the withdrawal of their savings. Therefore, the legislative proposal is expected to be approved again this year in the first half of 2024.

It is important to highlight that among the various schemes related to the AFP 2024 pension, one stands out which proposes the provision of four tax units (outside) recently there is a possibility of getting approval for this project.

AFP Retirement 2024: Access to 4 UITs this year?

The Pension Fund Issue This continues to be of interest to Peruvians, as many believe these funds can be used to pay off debts or start a business.

That's why he is Congressman from Peru Libre, Americo GonzaHe shared on his social networks that he has submitted a document to his colleague Cesar Revilla (Fuerza Popular), who is the head of the Economic Commission. Discuss and approve the return plan of 4 ITUs (Equivalent to 20,600 soles).

Also, in a video shared on his account, Congressman Gonza spoke to the members According to him, to describe the sums earned by AFPs, Rejects lack of funds for withdrawal.

“Dear brother contributors to AFP, we saw in the country's media how they earned more than 454 million soles in 2023. But, in addition, they received 762 million soles through commission. “They charge us for kidnapping us. money”He explained.

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Will they allow the withdrawal of AFP 2024 in Peru?

Until now, The exact date for AFP 2024 withdrawal has not been established. However, March is emerging as a possible date for Congress to resume discussions on the issue and analyze legislative initiatives.

Americo Gonza introduced a bill that would allow 70% of the funds to be withdrawn, which seems less likely to materialize. On behalf of his party, Congressman Flavio Cruz (Perú Libre) proposes the withdrawal of 4 UITs, as does his colleague Kelly Portalatino from the same bench.

AFP Retirement 2024: Latest News

In a recent interview at RPP, Public Policy Advisor Joaquin Rey AFP AssociationHe expressed his disagreement with the seventh fiscal withdrawal, arguing that it would mainly benefit people with higher purchasing power, which he considered bad public policy.

Affiliation Advice: How do I know which AFP I belong to?

to Find out which AFP you belong toFollow these instructions:

  • Go to 'Register' option SBS Online Services.
  • Read the terms of use and if you agree, declare it and click 'Next'.
  • It will ask for your ID number and email. Make sure you have your ID handy to complete registration.
  • Once registered, select the 'Pension Status Report' option to find out your AFP.

How much money have you accumulated in your AFP?

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