New Carnet Patria Annual Bonus January 2024: Beneficiaries, when they pay and the latest news in Venezuela

Thousands of people are trying to find out if the Nicolás Maduro regime will grant the Cornet de la Patria anniversary bonus. We solve all your doubts here.

Find out the latest news about the payment of the Carnet de la Patria bonus in Venezuela 2024.

Since the beginning of this year, the Maduro regime has been extending various economic support to its citizens. In this sense, some of them wonder if there will be Annual Memorial Fee of the Cornet de la Patria. Review this note and find out all the details known so far about the cash grant.

When will the Garnet de la Patria annual bonus be awarded?

At present, the Venezuelan government has not confirmed the granting of this grant. However, the bonus will come in consideration of the fees paid in previous years January 20 or on an approximate date. It is better to wait for the official announcement from the authorities to avoid scams.

With the anticipation created in recent days, citizens hope that the financial support of the annual Cornet de la Patria will be announced as a second special bonus for January. The information is not yet official.

When was the last time the Garnet de la Patria anniversary bonus was awarded?

This grant was last paid in January 2020. On that occasion, the deposit was made during the last 24 days of the month and it was the third anniversary of the Garnet de la Patria. The new fee is expected to be paid in 2024.

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Homeland Card Anniversary Bonus. | Photo: X

What is the new amount of the second special bonus in Venezuela?

The government has not yet announced the amount of the new bonus for January; However, the amount will be as per the last payments made earlier 180 bolivars. To be one of the beneficiaries, it is important to register in the Patria system and keep all personal data up to date.

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