Aída Martínez and the enormous amount she spends on her eye disease web entertainment | eye view

Aida Martinez He decided to break his silence and noted his delicate condition, which compromised much of his vision. Ahead of the barrage of criticism he received for his return to motocross competition, the model decided to answer it all.

In that sense, the athlete admitted that the investment in her health together with her husband, Adolfo Carrasco, would have already been more than that. S/ 50 thousand soles.

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“There are 18 more analyses, and we’ve moved forward with six. That’s the economic issue I was commenting on. At no point were donations or fundraising or anything like that solicited. He began by telling El Popular.

Similarly, he has given a statement that he was unable to pay for the treatment. “No I know how much money I’m going to spend. Until today I spent a lot of money (…) Each intervention costs 10, 20 or 30 thousand feet”, he added.

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