Dina Boluarte: Details behind her frustrating “bilateral meeting” with Joe Biden spark a wave of criticism | principle

“Bilateral meeting” announced by the President In Boluarte On Friday, November 3, to be held with his American counterpart Joe Biden, it did not materialize. Instead, the two leaders had only a brief conversation, the foreign ministry said in a statement.

Congressmen from various groups described the incident as a “mockery” for the country and demanded explanations. Likewise, Alejandro Aguinaga, head of the Foreign Affairs Commission, said he was considering calling Foreign Minister Ana Gervasi to answer about what happened.

On Friday afternoon, as questions surrounding the alleged meeting intensified, the External Affairs Ministry pointed out that the meeting did not take place due to “constraint of time”. However, they insisted that Biden and Boluarte “were able to talk about issues like migration and the fight against drug trafficking for both countries” and that they “walked together to the White House auditorium where the summit was held.” America’s Alliance for Economic Prosperity)”.

Joe Biden walks hand-in-hand with Tina Polwarte (Photo: State Department)

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A statement from the Ministry of External Affairs indicated that the bilateral meeting was “confirmed by the White House on October 30 and reconfirmed by the evening of November 2”. This information contradicts a document submitted by the executive branch to Congress on October 26, in which Boluarte requests authorization to leave the country. It was already mentioned that the alleged bilateral meeting on that date was confirmed. The permission was approved by the Plenary Session on October 30.

“It should be noted that the Embassy of Peru in the United States has announced that it has confirmed that it will host a bilateral meeting between the President of the Republic and President Biden as the host of the inaugural summit.” Reads at the administrator’s effort.

Suspicions had been raised since Friday morning that a meeting with the head of state was not on the US president’s agenda when Biden received his counterparts Gabriel Boric (Chile) and Luis Abinador (Dominican Republic) on Thursday. The Oval Office of the White House.

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Unlike meetings with his counterparts from Chile and the Dominican Republic, Biden did not post photos of the brief meeting with Polwart on his official X account (formerly Twitter).

U.S. President Joe Biden meets with Chilean President Gabriel Boric in the Oval Office of the White House on November 2, 2023 in Washington.
Biden shared on his X account (formerly Twitter) about his meeting with the president of the Dominican Republic, Luis Abinader.

Biden followed his agenda to the letter on Friday, which did not contemplate a meeting with Polwart, but included a formal photo with APEP leaders (shared on his X account) and a plenary session with the same Peruvian officials. The President attended both the functions.

US President Joe Biden shared a group photo of APEP. Among the leaders is Peruvian President Tina Polwarte. (Photo: X/ Joe Biden)

Following that, the US president left the state house for Maine, where two mass shootings took place a week earlier.

While there are doubts about whether the meeting with Biden took place, Transport Minister Raul Pérez-Reyes indicated in statements to Canal N that the “bilateral meeting” was “private”.

It is worth recalling that on Wednesday El Comercio had warned that there was “no date and time” for the meeting between Boluarte and Biden, despite the fact that it was encouraged by the President and Prime Minister Alberto Otárola. and Gustavo Meza-Cuatra, Ambassador of Peru to the United States

“I have already been informed that I have confirmed a bilateral (meeting) with President Biden, so we will talk about the grand plan for this frontline fight against drug trafficking, for example, among other interests that the country should seek. More and “better investments”.

In Polwart, President.

“The president is going to meet with Biden, but will talk about public interests, for example, the fight against drug trafficking and organized crime.”

Alberto Otterola, Chairman of the Council of Ministers

Carlos Pareja, former Peruvian ambassador to the United States, explained that embassies “have a fundamental role” in preparing bilateral meetings. Likewise, he rejected the fact that date, time and place and “even time” were pre-established, and that these were planned from one moment to the next.

“Furthermore, the number and position of comrades attending the meeting with the Head of State is agreed, and when it comes to meetings between Heads of State, that is, all details and precisions are agreed in advance. ,” He insisted.

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“Embassies have a fundamental role in shaping the program of activities included in the agenda of a visit to another country. In the case of Peru, the president must approve the plan in detail before presenting it to the head of state, who will finally approve the agenda. He noted.


  • Boulwart traveled to America with a group of eight palace officials. They are: Enrique Vilces, General Secretary; Jeaneth Rodríguez, aide-de-camp; Arturo Arciniega, Ethics Director; Eduardo Guerrero, Consultant of the Technical Office; Maria Muriano, Administrative Assistant; Marco Apayco, Commissioner for Medical Services; John Zanamba and Milagros Vargas, security personnel.
  • Each received US$1,320 in travel expenses for three days; That is a total of 10,560 USD.

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They demand explanations

Congressmen from the Avanza País, Fuerza Popular, Cambio Democrático, Perú Libre, Alianza para el Progreso, Podemos Perú and Renovación Popular benches criticized the fact that a bilateral meeting between Biden and Boluarte did not take place.

In a conversation with El Comercio, the President of the Relations Commission (RR.EE.) Alejandro Aguinaga (Fuerza Popular) said he is considering inviting Minister Ana Gervasi to a task force to answer the case. Similarly, he pointed out that it would be better for the President to ask the Foreign Affairs Minister to resign before inviting him to Parliament. “Heads must run if Polwarte wants to react.” […] “You have to change the president and the US ambassador” He insisted.

His bench colleague, First Vice President of Congress, Arturo Alegría, pointed out that it would be a “grave mistake” if the executive branch “lied to Parliament” about the bilateral meeting in order to grant Bolvarde permission to travel. Likewise, he demanded an “immediate response” to this fact from Chancellor Gervasi.

“I believe the president, who has the president’s agenda, should give us an immediate response here.” […] “I believe it is clear that it came from the coordination before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, by giving false information or lying to Parliament as a defense for allowing the visit of the President. Of the established Republic,” said.

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Meanwhile, the legislator Norma Yarrow (Avanza País) sent a letter to the headquarters of the Council of Ministers, in which she requested “urgent” information, about which the White House event confirmed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs “said to be a bilateral meeting”. Likewise, the document containing the coordination should be sent. He also asked.

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His colleague, Alejandro Cavero, suggested that Gervasi should be called by the Foreign Relations Commission to explain. Congress was given false information leading to travel authorization. […] “After this folly by the government, it will greatly weaken the confidence that Parliament has for future ratification.” He pointed out.

For Nieves Limachi (Democratic Transition), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs “does not do serious and responsible work” and this “results in poor management of the budget.” “If you bring no investments, your journey is neither useful nor fair, and all Peruvians continue to be losers.” expresses.

Flavio Cruz (Perú Libre) also agreed that Gervasi would be summoned by the Foreign Relations Commission. “[Lo que pasó] “It is a travesty and irresponsible” He noted.

For Elva Julón (APP), “The agenda of President Tina Bolvarte is to provide executive explanations – as soon as possible – through a detailed report on the results of the meetings he held abroad.”

On the other hand, Carlos Cevallos (Podemos Peru) thought Gervasi should be called by the commission led by Alejandro Aguinaga about the trip and what happened. As well as about traveling to Europe. “Both expeditions were well investigated” He pointed out.

José Cueto from Renovación Popular asked the RR Commission. To summon Gervasi.

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