'Al Fondo Hey Sitio': Who's Leaving and Who's Returning in Season 11, According to Gigio Aranda?

Al Fondo Hey Sitio Announces Its Season 11 Premiere Date | America TV

Not long to come backDownstairs is the roomA soap opera that chronicles the conflicts and experiences of the Gonzales and Maltini families in the urbanization of Las Lomas. at the doorsEleventh season premiereAgreed on the first days of April, Gigio Aranda The new installment revealed details about the characters who will be leaving the series and those who might return.

“We have already started recording. Estela Redhead, my dear wife, who is the general producer, some episodes have already been recorded. Unlike last year, this year we have time to polish and revise some things. It is a team effort,” commented the general director of ' He said.Downstairs is the roomTo El Comercio about the progress of the new season.

Gigio Aranda gives details about 'Al Fondo Hey Sitio' Season 11.

Gigio Aranda confirmed that Maria Gracia Camarra Y Joaquin OrpegosoGiver of life Macarena Montalban And for the famous Mike Miller Villavicencio in'Downstairs is the room', will not be in the eleventh season of the series. It is important to remember that their characters ended the tenth season with a happy ending and strengthened their love. Marriage for religion.

's general director and screenwriterDownstairs is the roomBoth actors have not disclosed the reasons for their absence from the new season.

Macarena and Mike ended up together in 'Al Fondo Hey Sitio' season 10. Capture/USA TV

Gigio Aranda The possibility of reuniting the cast is not ruled out Christian ThorsonY Nathaniel Sanchezwho played Raul del Prado Y Fernanda de las CasasIn the records of Season eleven From television. This openness to the possible return of the characters has created anticipation among fans of the series, who hope to see the iconic characters back on screen.

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“We wanted her (Nataniel) at first and she said no, but there's another thing that helped us that she wasn't there, because we found a wonderful Macarena with María Gracia Camarra,” the screenwriter commented on the absence. Nathaniel Sanchez In the ninth and tenth seasons'Downstairs is the room'.

On the other hand, Gigio Aranda This is reported to be impossible Mayra Couto Y Andrew WiseCast actors Grace Gonzales Y Nicholas de las CasasBack to production America TV Because of their poor working relationship. “They were a perfect couple, at least on screen. “What I saw on stage was completely different from what I saw in previews before recording,” he opined.

Christian Thorsen may return to 'Al Fondo Hey Sitio'.

Although many believe it By David Almandos Will not be part of Season 11'Downstairs is the roomBecause it doesn't appear in ad previews, Gigio Aranda The national actor mentioned that he will continue to play in the new installment Pepe Gonzalez.

“He will exist, 'Tito' cannot exist without 'Pepe', they are a couple. He asked for permission for a few days so he did not see it”, he clarified.

David Almandos stands firm in 'Al Fondo Hey Sitio'. Capture/USA TV

The long-awaited eleventh season of the popular Peruvian series 'Downstairs is the room'It will come back to the screen Monday, April 8is sent to 8:40 p.m By America Television. The first episode will tell what happened after the failed marriage of Joel Gonzalez and Patty Pichilinge and find out if Alecia Montalban survived the shot by Claudia Llanos.

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