These are the astronomical events that can be seen in Uruguay in April 2024

There are many conjunctions and lunar phases worth thinking about.

This is the list:

April 2 – Last quarter: 50% of its illuminated surface is visible.

April 6 – Moon-Mars-Saturn conjunction: The triangular formation is visible towards the eastern horizon from 5 am to just before dawn.

April 7 – Moon-Venus conjunction: A thin waning Moon joins Venus a few minutes before dawn from 6am.

April 8 – Solar Eclipse and New Moon: Two invisible events occur: a solar eclipse (visible only in western Europe, North America, northern South America, the Atlantic, Pacific, and Arctic oceans) and a new moon (occurs when the Moon is perfectly positioned between the Earth and the Sun, so its illuminated hemisphere cannot be seen from Earth) .

April 10 – Multiple links: Mars-Saturn conjunction (visible just before 5 am, both planets appear very close) / Moon-Jupiter (visible a few minutes in the northwest after sunset).

April 11 – Moon-Pleiades conjunction

April 15 – First Quarter and Moon-Pollex conjunction: The Moon approaches this constellation, providing a contrast. Both stars are visible towards the north from 7 pm till sunset.

April 21 – Peak of the Lyrid meteor shower: Active from April 14th to 30th, with a peak expected from Sunday night 21st to Monday 22nd, with up to 18 meteors per hour at best. The parent body of this shower is comet C/1861 G1 (Thatcher).

April 22 – Luna-Spica conjunction: Visible in the east, from 7:00 PM until both stars set

April 23 – Full Moon: The brightest and fullest phase of the moon, suitable for viewing with the naked eye.

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April 24 – Mercury at Greatest Eastern Stretch: Best time to observe Mercury through telescopes or binoculars.

April 26 – Moon-Antares conjunction: Visible eastward from 8:00 PM till sunset of both stars.

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