Alfredo Benavides is afraid to fall in love with the girl Gabriela Serba | Show Business | IMP | programs

Alfredo Benavides is afraid to fall in love with the girl Gabriela Serba |  Show Business |  IMP |  programs

Alfredo Benavides invited us to the ATV Board of Directors and after a long time we returned to talk ‘face to face’. In this interview, we talk about his feelings for Gabriela Serba, his fear of falling in love, his desire to be a father again, and why his brother George, along with reminiscing about his early days as a comedian at times. kicked him out of the project.

Thanks, Alfredo, for the interview, you’ve been on ‘Anointing’ lately…

I’m into fashion.

are you in love

Not really that romantic. Believe it or not, being in front of a microphone is difficult for me.

On Magali’s show, I saw you were nervous when you joined Gabriela Serba…

What happens is that a lot of people bother me, the ‘kids’, I go out, I flirt. Yes, I am recalcitrant, arch, overly flirtatious, I am friendly, but anyone who knows me knows that when I was in a relationship, I was in love to death, and I am afraid to fall in love, because at the moment there are no relationships. Lastly and for me, ending a relationship is the worst thing because I can put myself in a sack, tie up and live like this for a year and I have a bad time. For years I was in a relationship for fear of assuming that ugly phase of a relationship.

Do you want to be alone?

I’m used to being alone. I’ve been single for over eight years and don’t want to formalize it.

It’s strange because by your nature you might think you’re ‘modern’.

What is happening is that we live in a terrible ‘modernity’. Jokingly I said (on Magali’s show) it’s ‘polyamory’ and there are people who think things like this have never happened in our generation. For our generation, jealousy is in our genes, in our DNA.

And you’re the owner, right?

I belong to another generation. I entered television at the age of 15 and skipped many phases of my life. For example, I have never been to a fifteen-year-old in my life. I don’t know what it’s like to ‘fall’ for a girl, I’ve never experienced being in the park with my friends.

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Drome – Interview with Alfredo Benowitz

It’s jealous

Have you been forgiven for infidelity?

not at all.

Did they kick you out?

I have been fired many times.

Did they throw your clothes?

No, never like this. Now I don’t regret it, that’s the truth. I believe that everything happens in life, good or bad. So, on this topic about Gabriela, they’re telling me to ‘regulate’, Gabriela is a super cute girl, and what’s more, they’re insulting me on the network because she’s the kind of girl anyone would want to have. Apparently, many people want to keep her uncoupled, talking about the issue of sexuality, because she is a big girl, she is the most popular girl in the country. At this point we can say something that is very desirable. I imagine, they’re bullying me on the networks and saying, ‘How are you going to be with that fat man, that pig? He is a skinny fat man’ and they start insulting me. So, I prefer to continue alone unless ‘Bobo’ has already defeated me.

But is there something between you?

Sure, but I’m scared to death. Besides, KP is much younger than me, there is a difference, I belong to another generation. And I’m jealous.

Are men racist?

Imagine her and me together. Gabi goes to work on Dingo Maria, I get a video of the boy playing a little game, he comes close (holds his head)… I get in the helicopter and Dingo Maria explodes. No, no, I’d rather avoid those things and see him continue to grow as a comedian, which he does very well.

Alfredo Benavides says his brother Jorge kicked him out of the show for being irresponsible. (Photo: GER / Lenin Tadeo)

Oh, I’ll see you, I’ll give you a month…

No, I will not fall in a month.

Now till July or August…

Being alone isn’t pretty, but sometimes that’s part of it.

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‘I am the Christian Suarez of my time’

You were a partner of Roxana Avalos since you remember entering TV and that period in ‘Rizas y Salsa’. She is older than you.

We were with Roxana for 5 years. I was the Christian Suarez of that time. Everyone was scared, the press took pictures of me.

Is it complicated?

Very complicated, but I learned a lot from her because she is a woman with a lot of character and that is the success of ‘La Guardia Serafina’.

His departure touched your heart too…

Yes a lot.

Then you fell in love again and had four children.

Yes. My eldest son is 26, the second 24, the third 22 and the last 15. Four children and my eldest son Stefano (Tosso), 31 years old and already a man. I love them.

Do you have a good relationship with the mother of your children?

I have a great relationship with María Fernanda (Upierna) and I am forever grateful because she is a great mother. My kids, I’m going to stress it to you, they’re thankful she raised them, because I’ve always stood on the street, I’m not a hermit.

Three Benavid brothers: George, Christian and Alfredo. (Photo: USI)

George kicked him out of the project

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Losing my job

Did George kick you out of the cast?

Look, there was a whole question about a program worker recently, and I’ve seen a lot of people over the years who believed themselves to be stars in the parade. George kicked me out of the show for being irresponsible, just like he took Dayana out. All this happened, I watched the World Cup qualifiers at my brother’s house with my sister-in-law and at the end of the game they both said, ‘Let’s record tomorrow’. I turned and looked at them and I said to George ‘Peru has just qualified, even if it’s the best painting of your life, nobody’s going to see it’. Answer; Sister-in-law said ‘I am going to record tomorrow’ and ‘We will wait for you at 9 am’. I closed the door to his room and went to the ‘Barranco Bar’ because the national team said Jefferson was going. I hid until ‘Soro Jub’ came and took a selfie with Farfan. Look at the coincidence, the next day, Miss Gabriela Serba, in the recording, because I didn’t show up, she says to my brother: “Look at him in the story of ‘Zoro’”. And they zoomed in and my face was in the back of the photo. The next week I came to record and I walked into George’s dressing room and told him it was wrong because he didn’t know anything about selfies and he said to me ‘You’re leaving’. He was going to call me too, I got up and left thinking nothing, years passed. Going to another job, even if it was good, I didn’t have the time and shouldn’t have done that.

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Is there something pending in your life?

I want to have another child.

Alfredo Benavides entered television when he was 15 years old and didn’t know what it was to “fall” for a girl. (Photo: GEC/ Lenin Tadeo)

Yes? You have five…

My daughter doesn’t believe me. He tells me ‘no dad’ but I want to.

And live with the mother or independent production?

Just give it to me. I want to raise him alone. I don’t enjoy any of my children and that’s what George is doing today with my nephew.

Alfredo, thank you very much…

Is it over yet?

If you want to continue…

I will tell you that I am going to start again this year many things that I have been pending. I haven’t done my circus for three years and I’m going back with ‘El Circo del Niño Alfredito’ in Minca.

Will Gabriela be there?

I’m so annoyed that I have to do that with Gabriela, my brother took her away from me. It’s a family conflict because she obviously has to work with her partner.

His partner?

Haha thanks.

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