Alianza Lima’s curious release after FPF’s report

Through their networks, Alianza Lima issued a unique release, after receiving a document on broadcast rights from the FPF.

Alianza Lima and its singular response after FPF’s report | Composition: Libero

Last Friday, June 2, the regulatory authority FPF Send a document Lima Alliance Because so far the blue and white club has not signed a contract with the television company 1190 game. All this panorama is happening in the midst of a fight for broadcasting rights in Ligue 1 2023. All the details are here.

In this context, La Victoria did not wait regarding the last document issued by the highest institution of retaliation throughout. Peruvian football.

And that’s it through Social websitesThe intimate group decided to put out a release mentioning an advertisement dedicated to all its fans for its last date. The opening match is 2023 and date 12 Women’s League.

“BLUE AND WHITE COMBO AVAILABLE! Team up with Alianza Lima to get the new blue and white combo”, The two-time champion wrote on his Twitter account.

Alianza Lima’s unique response after the FPF report/ Photo: Twitter

The FPF spoke after launching the process against Alianza Lima

“As is common knowledge, the Federation is the original owner of the broadcast and transmission rights of the audiovisual content of Ligue 1, as stated in Article 77 of the current FPF Law, recognized by the clubs participating in the competition at the time”He pointed to the FPF in the first lines of the aforementioned document.

Alianza Lima/ Photo: The FPF spoke after launching the process against Twitter

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“However, clubs Deportivo Binacional, Cienciano, FBC Melgar and Alianza Lima have formally and repeatedly ignored the claim.” Added.

Finally the FPF He pointed out: “We will continue to operate within the legal framework and ensure compliance with current legislation in line with the provisions of the Competition Regulations.”

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