Alianza members attack Gonzalez Posada for not loving Chicho Salas

Through a statement on social networks, stakeholders alliance They expressed their displeasure against Diego González Posada, president of the Blancguazul Fund, for not supporting DD Krone.

Alianza members attack Gonzalez Posada for not loving Chicho Salas | Composition: Libero

That’s after sports journalist Eric Osorus announced Diego Gonzalez PosadaThe head of the Blue and White Fund is the man sought to replace Guillermo Salas at Alianza Lima. Club members were not idle And they revealed themselves through their official Twitter.

In the first instance, this human group confirmed what was revealed by Osorus, revealing that it was the same information they had been dealing with for some time. However, they added: “What Gonzalez Posada says or likes should be his opinion alone”.

Later in the same press release, it read Partners point to González Posada’s intervention in Alianza’s management as “harmful”But it overlooks how much harm it causes due to good sports results.

Change managerPay off the debt as soon as possible, hire more partners, change the laws so that we can manage with a management model,” he said. Intimate movie partners wanted.

Finally, they conclude their announcement by addressing the campus: “Work easy, Mr. It’s not true what Gonzalez Posada wants to act, he can’t legally handle anything And if you have any problem, let us know. He has no position at the club, it’s that simple.”.


The numbers favor Chicho Salas

There is a lot of speculation about Guillermo Salas in the prisoner of Alianza Lima, but the truth is that the numbers were on his side since the arrival of the ‘Chicho’ on the technical bench, to review, you can see the national title of the 2022 season, the first place in the 2023 Ligue 1 with one game less and one walkover defeat, and snapped a losing streak in the Copa Libertadores.

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