This is how you take out the trash on the International Space Station

Before starting this message, it’s important to mention that no atmospheric element was damaged during this maneuver (or so NASA says) as in the movies.

A video shared by the International Space Station (ISS) from its Twitter account showed a video of it Sergei ProkofievOne of the astronauts currently inhabiting the massive system throws a five-kilogram bag of trash into space. Hardware Obsolete.

While this record is surprising out of context, the ISS insists that the debris “burns up in the atmosphere without causing any harm.”

Also, it can be assumed that these types of exercises are common in the station. Only four astronauts working there (currently there are seven) can generate 2.5 tons of trash per year, which is why part of it is thrown abroad. Safe method.

However, it is by no means worth doing. Wastes, usually go inside Special bags and designed for this task, they should be launched under a Mode of operation Very solid, perfectly measured direction and follows shapes.

As described in an article published in 2020 by a NASA engineer Mike EngleDebris is to be ejected “at a speed of about two inches per second at an angle of 30º in a line directly opposite to the direction in which the ISS is orbiting Earth.”

Following these guidelines, Prokofiev’s ejected bag was able to follow the correct direction to decay “very quickly” in the atmosphere, according to the ISS. “It has a very short life in orbit,” the NASA-affiliated agency says, denying that the debris poses any kind of hazard or contributes to the problem of space debris that has spread throughout Earth’s orbit.

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