Alliance to Bring Technology to Livestock Farms in Magdalena Medio

Alliance to Bring Technology to Livestock Farms in Magdalena Medio

Training is a critical issue in any livestock operation, and if you want to be profitable and competitive, you need to be at the forefront of available technologies.

That is why, from there, an alliance was formed between Fedagan, Coregan, Eurofino and Selecta Genetics to carry out the first insemination course for rural women in Magdalena Medio.

The first course is for women only

According to Selecta Genetics Manager Laura Guiseno, the specialty of this course is that it is the first course held exclusively for women in Puerto Perrio (Antioquia). The three-day theoretical-practical training was led by Any Tatiana Ruiz, MVZ of Selecta Genetic Technology Department, and Maria Elisa Lopez, MVZ Technical Advisor of Ourofino.

Artificial insemination, genetic improvement and fixed time insemination were the topics discussed.

The group is very diverse. Veterinarians, agricultural technology students of Sena and housewives participated. (Read: 7 Steps to Doing IVF Right)

Some of them have a place to practice this knowledge because they work or live on farms, others are owners of livestock farms and others have the opportunity to work as inseminators.

15 participants in the course They were certified as inseminators Because, according to the author’s criteria, they demonstrated the necessary skills to properly carry out the artificial insemination process.

Genetica Selecta’s mission is to be more present in the region through this type of training, promoting the culture of artificial insemination and the importance of genetic improvement as a determining factor in livestock profitability.

How to bring science to the region

Likewise, the mission of the union of Tecnig@n technical service centers and the alliances created is how to bring science to the region, says Santiago Acosta from Tecnig@n Antioquia.

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He pointed out that Magdalena Medio is one of the most important ecological regions in the country, which is why they are betting on more and more improvements in their production processes and there is no better way than science and technology. (Read: How to make artificial insemination successful in a cattle herd)

In this case, fixed time artificial insemination a A new methodology for the region Because cattle are still managed in ancestral ways on many farms.

For this reason, it is believed that these trained women are technically and operationally capable of providing more coverage should a need arise in the coming years for these services.

A public call was made for the election of the women who attended the training and those associated with the livestock sector were selected so that they could put into practice what they had learned and/or those who were interested, work as inseminators in the area at tomorrow’s event.

Also, it’s a field that’s overwhelmingly female, and we’d love to see more empowered women in the process.

After the course, feedback is given and the knowledge imparted by the organization is evaluated to find out the feedback of the participants and see what can be improved. Additionally, participants will be followed for objective measurement. (Read: Fixed Time Artificial Insemination Improves Meat Production)

In that way the curriculum needs to be evaluated in order to continue offering the fees Creates enthusiasm for the company For Service Provider and Alliance.

In turn, Guiseno said he initially considered doing a semester of courses through Coregon, but is open to doing them in other areas with the livestock industry that require this training.

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It is important for people to learn about insemination because it is the first step to implementing a successful genetic improvement program, he concluded.


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