Although located in South America, these 4 countries do not speak Spanish | Answers

One of the most used languages South America is, without a doubt, the español, despite the fact that some countries have other dominant languages. Precisely, there are four countries in the region that do not speak this language, but instead, for example, Dutch or English, so they do not necessarily identify with other countries on the continent. All the details of these places are in the following note.

Which countries in South America do not speak Spanish?

A traveler through South America called Ben Abraham Cabella announced on a platform that there were countries or regions where Spanish was not officially or routinely spoken because they were European colonies. These are:

  • Federal Republic of Brazil (Portuguese)
  • Republic of Guyana (English)
  • Suriname (Dutch)
  • French Guiana (French)

Unlike other countries, French Guiana is not considered an independent country because it is a foreign dependency of France.

What is a non-English speaking city in the United States?

In a video that has gone viral on social media, a woman approaches a popular store to order in English, but none of the workers at the store can understand her. It is a city of Hialeah located in Miami County, Florida. According to a census conducted in the region, Spanish is the official language of the region, with 96.3% of the population identifying as Hispanic or Latino, mostly Cuban.

Likewise, it is the state's fifth largest city with more than 250,000 residents, mostly of Cuban origin, due to massive migration after the revolution led by socialist guerrilla Fidel Castro. The people who live there know that the official language is English, so if you decide to go and speak, they will understand you.

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Which country in South America shares a border with Europe?

The South American countries that share a border with the European Union are Brazil and France, which is delimited by the Oyabok River, which originates in the Tumukum mountain range. It is a South American river that determines the border between the French overseas department of French Guiana and the Brazilian state of Amaba.

This overseas territory has a total of 730 km, of which 427 is determined by the Oyabok River, which flows into the Atlantic Ocean. In turn, the other 303 km starts from the tri-border with Brazil and Suriname to the Guyana Hydrographic Basin. Therefore, the Saint-Georges-de-I'Oyapock (France) and Oiapoque (Brazil) bridge is considered the only direct link between the two countries.

What are the boundaries that control France in South America and Europe?

  • Border between France and Spain: 656 km
  • France and Andorra border: 57 km
  • Border between France and Monaco: 4 km
  • Border between France and Italy: 515 km
  • Border between France and Switzerland: 573 km
  • Border between France and Germany: 418 km
  • Border between France and Luxembourg: 73 km
  • Border between France and Belgium: 620 km
  • Border between France and Netherlands: 10 km
  • Border between France and Suriname: 510 km
  • France and Brazil border: 730 km.

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