An international celebration of sports and technology

La GSIC Summit Its fifth edition returns on May 25 and 26 at the Wizink Centre. In a conference organized by the Global Sports Innovation Center, Powered by Microsoft and an official media partner brand It brings together some of the most renowned international leaders and experts in the sports and technology fields, and celebrates the pioneering influence that innovative technology is having on the world of sports.

L.G.S.I.C already established itself a reference event talking about Technological innovation in the field of sports This year, it has raised the bar once again: more 250 participants from 28 countries around the world, Including Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Andorra, United Kingdom, Singapore, Australia, United States and United Arab Emirates.

Some of the important names and companies in this field, etc FIFA, LaLiga, Real Madrid, American Football Confederation, Power League, Global Esports Federation, European Space Agency, as well as various Spanish sports federations and government agencies from Singapore, Andorra and Indonesia, This year will discuss in depth the main theme: “Technological Innovation, and Immersive Experiences in the Web 3 Era”. In this exciting pair of segments, the latest developments in technology and their application in the field of sports will be discussed.

As part of the main theme, the GSIC Summit will explore sectors at the forefront of technological innovation. Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and immersive experiences in the gaming industry And the brightest minds in the industry explain how these technologies are changing and enhancing the fan experience and engagement in sports. Real case studies will be used in interactive sessions designed for participants.

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Throughout the two days of the conference, Attendees will have access to an interactive exhibit areaThey can discover cutting-edge technology solutions offered by leading companies and startups.

Some of the key topics on the GSIC Summit 2023 agenda

“Shaping the Future of Sport: A Career Development Conversation” (Shaping the Future of Sport: An Industry Development Conversation) – In this session, Sebastian Lancestreamer, Managing Director of Sports at Microsoft and Alan Goh, CEO of Sport Singapore, will discuss the current and future landscape of the international sports industry.

“From Crypto to Culture: How Digital Assets Are Transforming Internet 3.0” (From Cryptography to Culture: How Digital Assets are Changing Internet 3.0) – In this panel, representatives from RealFevr,, and Metacourt will explore how digital assets are revolutionizing the way we interact with technology in the field.

“Andorra Sports Innovation Hub: Events & Projects” (Andorra Sports Innovation Hub: Programs and Projects) – Representatives from Andorra Business and Andorra Research + Innovation will share how they are working to position their country as a leader in innovation in winter, mountain and cycling sports.

“Training Smarter, Not Harder: How Sports Technology Is Changing the Way Athletes Improve” (Train Smarter, Harder Not: How Sports Technology Is Changing the Way Athletes Improve) – Companies like Technogym, QLAC and Thermohuman, as well as the United States’ National Football League, will present success stories of implementing technologies to help measure their performance. Athletes and help prevent injuries.

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