Andrea Loza: “The Cibolos call me out and say nasty things to me” | Exclusive Interview | Showbiz | programs

Andrea Loza: “The Cibolos call me out and say nasty things to me” |  Exclusive Interview |  Showbiz |  programs

He walks and wanders in the middle of his set. She then looks at the photographer and makes a special request: 'You have to make sure my cellulite doesn't show.' There is Andrea Loza In its purest expression, without filters. The journalist and this interviewer did not agree, but it was carried out: to sit down and talk once a year. The best thing is that he does it with an open mind and without elaborate speech.

Andrea, people recognize you, love you as you are, and worry about how you look in photos…

Always. I am a girl and I like to look beautiful. No surgery on my face…

Why don't you do it?

Surgeries age you instead of making you look younger and I don't want to change my face either.

TROME | Interview with Andrea (Video: Vocha Davila)

Are you afraid of getting old?

I want to be myself and do it with dignity.

Do you feel like an auntie?

A 'rich' aunt. Plus, they make me feel.

who is that

Cibolos writes to me all the time on the networks.

What do they tell you?

They ask me and reveal colorless things.

What stands out about you?

Legs, voice, character.

Your strength?

I think it creates twisted imaginations for men.

How to explain?

It's like a challenge: you have to tame the beast.

Did they succeed?

It's not about suppression, it's about reconciliation.

Can love endure each other?

It's respect for yourself, it's not sacrifice.


A couple should have agreements. When the things you want are more valuable than the things you don't want, it's bearable.

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A review of the title?

I have heard many women who sacrifice themselves for their children and that is not right, they also want to see their parents happy.

Do you have a 'niece'?

Daughter-in-law, plural, express yourself well.

Are you a mother-in-law?

I spent New Years with them and we had fun.

Are you entertaining?

A little, not as people think. I'm so cool.

A friend who had already been introduced to a girlfriend by her son told me: 'I will never love her'…

I know that at some point, if they had to choose, they would leave because I gave them what I didn't have. After all, they are men.

So what do you think?

They would start their family and she would have to be very stupid not to get along with them.

Do you talk to them about sex?

Yes and I'm not judging, I'm just giving my opinion.

Has anyone become a womanizer or a social drinker?

No, not even alcoholics.

Is it safe?

As for the drinking thing, they had someone to go out with, ha, ha, ha.

A phrase you repeat to them?

No one will love you like your mother.

Are you in love?

There is someone, but I'm not going to give details yet.


Of course, otherwise there wouldn't be anyone.

I tell you this because today people go out and they don't call each other a couple, but they get to know each other.

I'm still 'Formalone', ha, ha, ha.


There are things that need to be said at the time, not before.

Did you spend Christmas with your ex?

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I always spend with my family, my mother and my children. It's important for them to be with their dad and if we can spend it together why not.

Maybe your lover doesn't like it and wants to spend 'Christmas Eve' between you…

I said, there is someone, nothing more!

What if your boys father is with a girl?

ok I don't know if I have it, but normal.

Some people think you are toxic.

On the contrary, I am kind, detail-oriented, and respectful.

You call to ask: Where are you?

Yes indeed. I'm not toxic and demanding seems sweet.

What are you requesting?

I deserve everything I give because it must be repaid.

Shouldn't we give without expecting anything?

Couples break up because of this thinking. You have to give because you were born to give and people live up to expectations.

A human error?

We want it to be born, we want man to be heard.

A surprise gift or someone telling you?

Damn what they are going to give me!

Are you fear mongering?

I respect Sometimes I imagine something else…


If I go to buy something and they don't sell it well to me, they think, I'm going to show it on television or I'm going to sell it fast, ha, ha, ha.

Why did you decide to give the heart a chance now?

It has to do with consciousness. If you find respect, admiration, and someone who awakens a thread you've been dormant, why not? I am very cautious because I am a mother. I take care of myself, I know I'm exposed, I don't care.

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Are you friends with Juliana Oxenford?

No no.

That 'prime' that started with her, then you follow, Makali, they are not friends.

It happens in the best of families. Also, I register in Barranco. Everyone has their own life outside of work.

By the way, parenthetically, are you going to get a new plan?

Yes, we already offered pre-sale and we are waiting. It is associated with women, fun, entertainment.

Another project?

I'm going to do an interview podcast.

I notice you are slow, you don't run, you jog.

I think it has to do with maturity.

We are coming of age.

How many times are you going to call aunty? I will be, but I'm at my best and you have no idea how many people are pissing me off.

Well, go ahead, after these confessions, you have every right to talk about 'Andrea'.

We have started the sixth season with new scenery so that the public feels it is their home.

Did they come with modifications?

Apart from always being touched upon, we now see themes of reunions of people meeting each other again after years.

A big hug.

For you and your readers.

Then came the photos, then the forced farewell and the ending begins with a phrase from actress Scarlett Johansson that fits her current moment: 'Life is dangerous. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. It's fun not knowing what the outcome is going to be.'

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