Apurimac: One killed in ambush on truck carrying Sutran inspectors

Martin Ojeda, manager National Land Transport CouncilHe pointed out that the attack took place in Apurimac. Nine people were seriously injured in the attack and two were missing.

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One person was killed, two were missing and nine were injured in this Tuesday’s attack in Kurahuasi district. Apurimac. They are all workers Tomorrow.

Police said the attack took place when the workers were returning in a van from an operation in the jurisdiction of the Curahuasi district, at km 798 of Huracona sector, on the road connecting Abanque province with Cusco.

According to police sources, the workers went on an operation around 5 am and when they returned they found around 20 people ambushed. These persons blocked the road with logs and set fire to the vehicle with its occupants.

The message is confirmed RPP news By Martin OjedaThe National Land Transport Council manager regretted the incident and urged the authorities to take action.

“They ambushed a government van with about eight Sudra inspectors and they ambushed them. Apurimac. One person is dead and two others are missing. Also, four people were injured with burn injuries. This will not happen,” he said Rotary air-night version.

According to Ojeda, the attackers appear to have been hired for illegal transportation. The deceased in the incident has been identified as Sudran Apurimac Inspector Rony Revilla Bravo. The injured have been taken to nearby hospitals and are being treated.

Five of the nine injured were admitted to the Guillermo Díaz de la Vega Regional Hospital. They were identified as Merly Ccanampa Carrasco (26), Kevin Robles Reynoso (32), Ronald Cruz Luna (58), Elizabeth Lázaro puma (28) and José Luis Yucra Quikaña (27).

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Pronounced MTC and Mininter

The Ministry of Transport and Communications commented on this in a statement and assured that necessary steps are already being taken to trace the whereabouts of those who committed the incident.

For its part, a team from the homicide unit will visit the area to strengthen investigations, the home ministry said. They also pointed out that the Apurimac Criminal Investigation Department has deployed various special teams to trace and apprehend those responsible for the attack.

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