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Information. EP Lt. Col. Carlo Núñez Gonzales reported that protesters were shot in the legs. He was in charge of five patrols at Huamanga. Photo: Spread

A court of military justice has closed the preliminary inquiry against senior army commanders involved in military operations. AyakuchoEnded on December 15, 2022 As a result of a dozen protestors in Ayacucho.

A year after the events, the prosecutor's office considered that there was insufficient evidence to formalize a process for crimes of disobedience and disobedience before the Supreme Military Police Vocaglia, according to La Repubblica sources in the military jurisdiction.

A preliminary inquiry reached the General Commander of IV Division Army (IV DE), in Bichari (Cusco), Major General Miguel González Bojorguez and the General Commander of the Second Infantry Brigade, Brigadier General Jesus Vera Ibenza. and to the Colonels of the Second Infantry Division, with headquarters at Huamanga (Ayacucho), Luis Vivanco Palomino, Victor Sanchez Morales, Alfredo Delgado Osorus, and Carlos Vega Perez; as well as the colonels of the IV Division of the Army: Lindel Pinto Ybarcena, Luis Vivanco Palomino and Alfredo Delgado Osorus.

the witness Captain EP Víctor Grados Rivas called his comrades in arms to tell the truth about the murders. Photo: Spread

According to sources, on January 11 all those involved were referred to Ayacucho, the center's top military police prosecutor, to question military officers of commander and junior rank.

As La República reported yesterday, the army appointed Brigadier General Marco Marin Saldana, an investigator of the army's IV division, to investigate the alleged violations that led to the protesters' deaths. General Marin exonerated everyone, including officers believed to have ordered or shot civilians who had fought against the government of Tina Poluarte.

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With a black beret. Beggar's IV DE troops driving civilians away. Photo: Spread

The Republic had access to all the investigations applied to the military personnel who intervened in the events of December 15, 2022 and was able to verify that General Marco Marin Saldana ignored the testimonies and documents, or provided the affirmative assumption. 10 Scenes That Ended the Lives of Ayakucha Residents

On December 18, three days after the massacre, Colonel Jorge Avalos Arellano, Inspector of the Second Infantry Division, Service Battalion No. Lt. Col. Carlo Núñez, the commander of 2, complained to Gonzalez: “Please present yourself as a URG. (…) a detailed chronological report regarding the events of December 15, 2022, in the situation where you led 5 patrols out of 13 who were guarding the parade ground and “They moved towards the airport. Moments when they opened fire on the mob's ends to strengthen its defenses.”

The document confirms that there were bullets in the body. But General Marco Marin Saldana ignored the incident.

During the interrogation of the head of the patrol unit that served in Huamanga's Plaza de Armas, Lieutenant Colonel Carlo Núñez González revealed a series of serious incidents that General Marco Marin also ignored. Troops of the IV Division of the Army (based at Bichari, Cuzco), sent to support the patrols of the Second Warri Infantry Regiment (headquartered at Huamanga), located at the airport, were in the area where some civilians were killed: “Airport/Cemetery and the Military Avenue sector, in which all IV DE patrols were operational (airport).

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Evidence. These images contradict the report of General Marco Marin Saldana, who concluded that no EP troops fired their weapons horizontally. Photo: MixLR

The head of Patrol 1, Captain Victor Gratos Rivas, confirmed the version of Lt. Col. Carlo Núñez: Troops of Bichari's IV DE, who had arrived to reinforce the defense of Huamanga Airport, left to pursue the protesters with gunfire.

“Those patrols stayed at the corner of the sector leading to the cemetery, where there was still a group of protesters and where they went outside the airport, certifying with photographs that I will put in the report (…) . The patrols that came as reinforcements (…) were dressed in multicam uniforms and IV commandos. Company (DE) wore a black beret.

Colonel Lindel Pinto Ybarsena, head of the IV DE teams, was even more serious: “It is important to highlight that we did not participate in the operational plan of the 2nd Wari Infantry Brigade, nor did we have an operational plan. IV DE at that time. In this exceptional and unusual case, we limit ourselves to receiving orders and arrangements. . . . the order to use weapons was requested and approved by the SZSN-4 Command (Second Warri Infantry Brigade, headed by General Jesus Vera Ibenza).” The IV DE troops didn't even know what they were supposed to do except shoot.

Commander IV DE. General Miguel Gonzalez Bojorquez. Photo: Spread

They know who shot the gang.

“There are real people in charge who know who they are, and they're part of the patrol that's been stationed on the outskirts of the airport,” Captain Victor Kratos Rivas announced.

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“Debris Division, Primax Pipeline and Reinforcement Patrols Left Corner Sector (IV DE, Pictures”, he added during the hearing.

Captain Victor Kratos pointed out that the troops from IV DE were responsible for the deaths: “My General, those who know who they are (the culprits) must come forward and tell the truth. .” And don't want to take on other names that might aggravate other patrols. “Whoever the real people are who went out of the airport and opened fire at point-blank range against a mob of protesters, they get away with it all.”

I command. General EB Jesus Vera Ibenza, 2nd Infantry Brigade. Photo: Spread


Identified. Second Lieutenant Víctor Calderon Rodríguez led Patrol 6 in Huamanga. He was the soldier who approached the body of one of the victims on December 15.

Edition. “Thinking that he was still alive, I approached him with two sergeants to give him first aid and started checking his vital signs. But when I did, I noticed that he was already dead,” he said.


(1) Regarding shots to extremities. Photo: Spread

(2) Captain Victor Kratos requests that those responsible come forward.

(3) The shooters were wearing black berets.

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