At the bottom: Peru is the South American finalist with the highest number of players abroad, according to CIES

Considering 135 leagues around the world, football monitoring portal ‘CIES’ has compiled a ranking of the hundred associations with the largest number of players abroad. is at the top of the list BrazilThis includes PeruAlthough much less.

The research defines immigrants as footballers who play outside the association they grew up in, who left after being recruited by a foreign club.

According to ‘CIES’, Brazil holds the current record of the study considering the current status of soccer players in May 2023. The number of five-time world champions is 1,289 foreigners, a record. France (1033) Already Argentina (905), second in the Conmebol scale.

Concacaf is led by America (162), in Africa the domain is Nigeria (385) and in Asia Japan (169).

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Renato Tapia and Alexander Callens are the only Peruvians in the 5 ‘top’ leagues in Europe.Source: Celtic

How many Peruvian soccer players play abroad?

Research shows that Peru It is currently the 75th association with the most number of football players playing abroad. ‘CIES’ highlights that there are a total of 25 foreigners from Peru.

This number puts Peru Ninth in the CONMEBOL scale. Brazil and Argentina are followed by Colombia (448), Uruguay (338), Paraguay (150), Venezuela (112), Ecuador (82) and Chile (68). Bolivia does not appear in the ranking which considers the main 100 football associations.

This figure is not the best in national football Team Peru He finds his calls resonating with some elements, for example, in Europe’s ‘Top 5’ leagues. Renato Tapia (Celtic from Waco) and Alexander Callens (Girona), the regulars managed by Juan Reynoso are part of LaLiga in Spain. Facing the next lesson, there is an opportunity for that Gianluca Lapadula Reach Serie A in Spain, facing Cagliari in the promotion playoffs.

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Luis Advincula has been playing for Boca Juniors in Argentina since June 2021.

Luis Advincula has been playing for Boca Juniors in Argentina since June 2021.Source: Boca Juniors

Peru and its soccer players abroad

The number of Peruvian players playing abroad, according to the study, is distributed as follows. 5 of them are below 23 years of age. Only two between the ages of 23 and 26, eleven between the ages of 27 and 30, and 7 elements appear above the age of 30. Luis Advincula at Boca Juniors in Argentina, captain Pedro CalĂ­s at Orlando City in the US or the all-time top scorer for the Peruvian national team, Paulo Guerrero at Racing Club.

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