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Samsung is the preferred brand and sales leader with a wide portfolio of devices to suit the needs and style of Tolimenses.

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The rise of streaming platforms has increased the viewing of movies or series, which has led users to look for smart TVs with the highest technology. Samsung’s portfolio of televisions and screens caters to the needs of all users and offers excellent picture and sound quality.

In the Dolima segment, users are looking for better picture quality and are looking to benefit from the many features of smart TVs, including vibrant colors and high-speed images.

According to market research, in 2022 Samsung recorded a market share of 32.68% in the center of the country (Dolema, Huila, Quintío, Risáralta, Caldas) and 35.02% in Colombia. These data confirm leadership in this sector for the eighth consecutive year[1] and number one in the global television market[2] For the seventeenth consecutive year.

Ibaguereños are characterized by their desire to have televisions that guarantee high picture and sound quality; A fluid smart platform with innovative designs, as well as various entertainment applications. Internal surveys conducted by Samsung indicate that 44% of those surveyed in this part of the country would like to purchase a Samsung audio and video product; In turn, 44% prefer the brand over other options.

Televisions and screens for residents of Dolima

The products that residents of the music capital of Colombia are most interested in are smart TVs with QLED picture and Crystal UHD 4K, smart TVs that guarantee a high-quality picture and sound experience, representing more than 90% participation. Sales in the region.

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In turn, at the end of last year, sales of Neo QLED TVs and the Lifestyle line also increased, highlighting The Frame television, confirming that the differentiated products are well received by Ibagurenos.

Beyond the best resolution

Thinking about the needs and spaces of the Dolima home, Samsung Lifestyle has a strong portfolio of TVs and screens that satisfy all tastes and thanks to their diverse designs.

Products like Neo QLED 8K and 4K are ideal for sunny days in Dolima, as they are characterized by the use of thousands of small LED lights to illuminate the screen and provide the highest picture quality no matter how bright the outside. Which provides better management of screen brightness and contrast.

These TVs have higher picture resolution and refresh rate for better viewing experience and higher picture quality processing capability, so Neo QLED TVs are ideal for Tolimenses to enjoy their favorite content (movies, sports and video games) in high definition.

Available in large inches, Samsung’s Neo QLED models are perfect for taking your entertainment experience to the next level. According to internal research, one of the main reasons for buying a new TV is the large screen it offers.

Television is a decorative item

For those who love technology and design, Samsung’s Lifestyle Screens segment includes TVs and projectors with designs and features that blend seamlessly into any space. These products integrate smart functions and become an integral part of home decor.

With The Frame, people in Dolima will benefit from a customizable TV with different magnetic frames in different shades, perfect for any decor style. In addition, it has an art function that allows you to display more than 1,700 works, photos or designs on the screen when you are not watching television. It will be a painting that will beautify any space and stop as a simple black box.

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In turn, for those who enjoy entertainment around the apartment, The Freestyle is a smart projector that, thanks to its compact design and light weight, is portable and allows projection on any surface. This type of lifestyle is further designed by the TV terrace, so it is possible to place the TV on the farm or near the pool, thanks to the entertainment thanks to the water resistance and image quality in any light condition. Anywhere.

The Premiere, for its part, is a short-throw projector responsible for bringing the cinematic experience to all Ibaguereño homes with a projection of up to 120.

It is important to note that the new Samsung video products offer Wi-Fi connectivity, integrated voice assistants and options for online content transfer, making it easier for households in the capital of the Dolima department to use them.

[1] Source Nielsen (2015-2018), GFK (2019-2022).
[2] Source Omtia.

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