JP Morgan: Investors are picking gold and tech

JP Morgan strategists have signaled that investors are turning to gold and technology for protection against a possible US recession.

Los Strategists JP Morgan Chase They pointed out that Fear of a possible recession in the US leading investors Seek safety in gold and tech companiesAccording to Tassia Sipahutar en Yahoo Finance.

Trade is defined as “a long time” is expressed by having Overweight in gold, growth stocks such as technology companies and currencies (short USD), As strategists wrote in a note Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou and Mika InkinenAnd added that The bet is far from full fare due to A highly inverted yield curve.

“The US banking crisis has increased demand for gold as an indicator of low real rates, as well as a hedge against a catastrophic scenario,” JP Morgan wrote.

JP Morgan notes that the long-term problem appears to have become one Consensus in recent months. Such activity seems “Relatively Attractive” Because I want one Deficit limited to a US mild recession scenario., but one A big advantage in a deep recession.

Other key points of the report:

  • In fact, the Technology’s share of global stocks has risen sharply this year, approaching a peak of 2021, indicating that the world as a whole has become technology-heavy. In addition, looking at short interest in US equity sectors indicates an increase in net long/short equity investor exposure.
  • Los Institutional investors flocked to goldBut it seems Retail investors increased their exposure to Bitcoin
  • In debtInvestors are betting Long in investment grade corporate bonds
  • “Because high-quality corporate bonds are generally a Maximum period is around 7-8 yearsRoughly double that of high-yielding corporate bonds.
  • In currencies, investors are exposed to term trading with a Short US dollar position“Given Strong Negative Correlation Between US Bonds and DXY Yields”
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JP Morgan Chase It closed in the red on Thursday with a bearish gap at $134.11 and above the 50 moving average of yesterday’s candle. Meanwhile, the Ei indicators are mixed.

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