Barcelona vs Real Sociedad live via DAZN and ESPN: Where to watch LaLiga Santander and what time they are playing | Minute by minute and lineups for today’s match | There is

Follow Barcelona vs live streaming. Real Sociedad for the 35th of LaLiga Santander. Here are the details of the Spanish football match.

Barcelona welcome Real Sociedad after clinching the La Liga title on deadline day Composition: Libero

From the Camp Nou, Barcelona face Real Sociedad on Matchday 35 of La Liga Santander. This comparison takes place Today is Saturday May 20, at 2:00 PM in Peru or 9:00 PM in Spain, the encounter will be telecast on ESPN and Star Plus. Likewise, you can follow the events of the match minute by minute with

Barcelona vs. Real Sociedad v LaLiga Santander Live: Match Minute by Minute

Barcelona are already champions in La Liga and would like to celebrate that today

Barcelona were crowned champions of LaLiga Santander last time and today they hope to throw a big party at the Camp Nou, let’s see what surprises Xavi Hernández’s team will throw at us.

Barcelona vs Where? A real community?

Barcelona vs Match. Real Sociedad for La Liga Santander will play at the Camp Nou de Catalunya. Here is the location of the playground:

Barcelona vs what time? A real community?

Barcelona vs Match. Real Sociedad plays for LaLiga Today is Saturday May 20, at 2:00 PM in Peru or 9:00 PM in Spain. Follow the match on

Welcome to Barcelona vs Transfer. A real Sociedad for LaLiga!

Follow Barcelona vs Transfer. Real Sociedad for LaLiga Santander, match preview details and minute-by-minute live.

Where to watch Barcelona Vs Real Sociedad?

Below are the channels and/or streaming services to watch the Barcelona vs Real Sociedad match:

  • Peru: ESPN and Star+
  • Argentina: ESPN y Star+
  • Bolivia: ESPN y Star+
  • Chile: ESPN y Star+
  • Colombia: ESPN y Star+
  • Ecuador: ESPN y Star+
  • Paradise: ESPN and Star+
  • Uruguay: ESPN and Star+
  • Venezuela: ESPN and Star+
  • Mexico: Sky HD y Blue everywhere go video
  • USA: DAZN and DAZN LaLiga
  • Spain: ESPN+, ESPN Sports
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Barcelona vs. Real Sociedad: Index

Review the tables to see the clash between Barcelona and Real Sociedad:

  • Peru, Colombia and Ecuador: 2:00 p.m
  • Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay and Venezuela: 15.00
  • Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay: 16.00
  • Mexico: 13.00
  • USA: 12:00 (PT) and 15:00 (ET)
  • Spain: 21.00

How is Barcelona coming along?

Let’s remember that Barca were the champions of Spain on the previous date, beating Espanyol 4-2 on their visit, so the rest of the dates will be just about meeting the competition.

Barcelona team against Real Sociedad

The numbers recorded by Xavi Hernandez’s team are full: they have collected 85 points, 27 wins, 4 draws and 3 losses. Is he maintaining his good records or is he already starting to discipline himself as a champion?

Barcelona beat Espanyol to become La Liga champions. Image: EFE.

How is Real Sociedad coming along?

For its part, the Basque team is in fourth place and needs to remain in that position to qualify for the next edition of the Champions League. His closest follower is Villarreal, five points below.

Notably, Real Sociedad have gone 17 games without beating Barca in all competitions. San Sebastián’s last win came on April 9, 2026 when they beat LaLiga 1–0.

Real Sociedad are hoping to qualify for the 2023-2024 Champions League. Photo: EFE.

Barcelona vs Real Sociedad: Predictions and Betting Odds

According to major bookmakers, Barcelona are favorites to keep the three points against Real Sociedad.

Where is Barcelona Vs Real Sociedad playing?

The match between Barcelona and Real Sociedad is played at the Spotify Camp Nou Stadium in Barcelona with a capacity of 99,000 spectators. In the coming weeks, this football temple will be renovated.

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