Bono A Mil 2024: Requirements for Advising, Registering and Collecting $1,000 with ID | Link | Dominican Republic

We will provide you with more details about A Mil bonus in Dominican Republic. Thousands of students across the country will benefit.

Find out when A Mill Bonus will be awarded in Dominican Republic 2024.

A bono a mil in the Dominican Republic is a financial aid of 1,000 pesos, which is given. Ministry of Education For various families in the country with children in public schools. For every minor who attends a state school, they are given a grant, and if you want to know how to sign up. Here we will provide you with more information.

With the aim of providing financial assistance to families with children and adolescents at home Dominican Republic Various bonuses will be given throughout the year 2024. One of the most requested by citizens Bonus A Mill, which is worth $1,000.

To access the Bono A Mil of RD$1,000, a grant for Dominican families, it is important that you as a beneficiary of this financial assistance follow the step-by-step instructions.

  • Enter the official page
  • Enter your ID number and click on 'Consult'.
  • If the system does not find a registered guardian or parent, register in the 'Registration' option.
  • While you are there, complete the registration by entering the ID of each student in your family.
  • Select 'Add' and verify that the name is correct.
  • Finally, click 'Save' and that's it.

Check A Mil 2024 Bonus with your ID

To check if you are receiving the A mill bonus when notified by the government of the Dominican Republic, you must perform the following steps to determine if you are a beneficiary.

  • Enter the LINK of
  • Enter the ID number.
  • Click on 'Consult' button.
  • Check if you are getting A Mil 2024 bonus.
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When will the A Mil Bonus 1,000 pesos be paid in the Dominican Republic?

At the start of the 2023-2024 school year, the Ministry of Education of the Dominican Republic had an enrollment of 2,604,449 students. These are the people who will benefit from the A Mil 2024 bonus. The RD$1,000 grant is estimated to be announced in August last year.

How much is a bono a mill in the Dominican Republic?

While the new bono a mill subsidy is not confirmed yet, the last amount given to beneficiaries was 1,000 paise. If a new delivery is activated, it is recommended to wait for confirmation from the Dominican authorities.

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