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A $1,500 bonus will be awarded in the coming months in the Dominican Republic. See here if the President has announced a new advisory link.

Bonus $1500 will be paid in coming months.

He Louis Abinader Government It has been providing continuous economic assistance to thousands of citizens. A $1,500 bonus is one of them Grants targeted at women heads of households, but do you know if it will be repaid in 2024? Here we tell you the latest news revealed by the authorities.

The The last $1,500 bonus was awarded in 2023 And two methods are established to check if they are a beneficiary. One of them was calling *462 from a cell phone and the other was entering the official website. If you want to make a query, you can follow these steps:

  • Enter the link:
  • Write your ID number.
  • Solve the captcha.
  • Select 'Check' option to view your status.

Latest news about $1,500 bonus in Dominican Republic

He The $1,500 bonus is also known as the Mother Bonus Coming in the coming months. According to Santo TV, a Dominican grants channel, this support will benefit one million Dominican women through Supercards and other payment methods.

How are mothers chosen to be beneficiaries of the $1,500 bonus?

Mothers, beneficiaries of the $1,500 bonus, are selected through the Supérate program and other platforms such as SIUBEN, INAIPI and PROPEEP. To qualify for the subsidy, mothers who already had a SuperCard received an additional 1,500 pesos in their account.

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