Brian Reyna in trouble with Spanish justice: Prosecutor's office seeks 17-month prison sentence and issues search warrant

Brian Reyna is in trouble with the Spanish justice system.

Brian Raina He is going through one of the best moments of his career because is the owner Belgrano de Córdoba And it's becoming more and more important in the Peru team. However, his past mistakes continue to haunt him.

Spanish media reported that the prosecutor's office had sought a 17-month prison sentence against him for the motorcycle theft. December 8, 2020, when he was a footballer for Mallorca in Spain's second division. Similarly, a court in La Palma, the city where the alleged crime took place, issued a search warrant.

Ultima Hora Media accessed documents from Palma's Court of Inquiry No. 8 and the Public Prosecutor's Office, which revealed that the footballer at 10:40 p.m. Team Peruwith his companion, Samuel Alex Pinto, They impounded the vehicle with the key. Also, his accomplice drove a motorcycle to escape, despite not having a driver's license.

Brian Reyna was accused of aggravated robbery during his stay in Mallorca. – Credit: Diario Última Hora

After the owner of the mobile phone lodged a complaint, the police stopped the two players shortly. However, they were soon released. Likewise, it was noted that the motorcycle had “several damages” allegedly caused by the athletes.

Although almost three and a half years have passed since the event, the prosecutor's office opened the case and issued a prison sentence against the two involved and financial compensation for the damage to the motorcycle. Also, as Brian Raina Not living Mallorca Since January 2021, search warrants have been sought. currently'Spicy'He lives in Argentina, he's from Belgrano de Córdoba, the club that bought his pass. Lima Alliance Earlier this year.

Brian Reina in action against Spain's Mallorca. (RCT Mallorca)

The race of Brian Raina It has been tainted by many scandals. His departure from Mallorca was initially highly publicized due to indiscipline and the termination of his contract for avoiding safety measures against the Covid-19 pandemic. Notably, his former teammate was also involved in that case. Samuel Alex Pinto

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“That day, Saturday, December 19, after the game, we went to a friend's house to play video games until 10 p.m. Here in Palma de Mallorca there is a curfew due to the coronavirus at the time and the police interfere with my friend Samu Alex Pinto on the way home. We spent some time at the intervention site explaining the reason for the delay to the police and they let us go home. So, it is a lie that they arrested us,” is the Peruvian version.

At the end of 2021, Brian Reyna and Uriel Celi, then Cantolao soldiers, were arrested for transporting weapons and drugs (Latin).

Then, in November 2021, when he was already a player Cantolauwas arrested with Uriel Chely They were detained for five days at DIVINCRI in Galla until they were finally released for carrying weapons and drugs in their vehicle.

His last extra-sports scandal happened in June of last year, and it didn't directly involve him, but rather his father, who hit a performance vehicle following them with a baseball bat. His father was taken to the police station and had to pay for the damage he caused:

“Yesterday, when I returned from the airport from our trip with the national team, journalists followed me and my father on the way to my house. Harassment is constant, without respect for my private and family life, I have recorded and photographed them outside my house or wherever I am, standing guard all the time. A lot of people don't understand that I'm a footballer and my job doesn't depend on scandals. “I didn't live it,” Raina later wrote on social networks.

Brian Reyna allegedly hit a car after reporters chased him. Latin

Brian Raina Signed for him Mallorca However, in mid-2016, he was never able to settle down as he was loaned out to various promotion teams such as CD Toledo, CD Alcoyano, Barakaldo CF or Las Rozas CF. In the 2017/2018 season for 'Vermilion' he managed to play only 11 games and did not score any goals.

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