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The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) stands as an important event in the global technology calendar, standing out as the stage where the industry's most recent innovations and most ambitious projects are unveiled. Starting this Tuesday, tech giants and emerging companies gather to unveil their latest creations.

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This year, the event, which ends on Friday, promises to be bigger than ever, with more than 4,000 exhibitors and hundreds of experts discussing and sharing their knowledge on dedicated panels. Artificial Intelligence (AI), a field that has captured the imagination of the world, is expected to dominate the discourse and be the star topic.

Ahead of the opening to the public, industry giants like LG, Samsung and Sony have already started attracting attention by presenting their new products to the press. In line with expectations, and following a tradition already established at CES, the new TVs stand out among the most anticipated announcements, with AI-powered improvements to picture and sound, according to The Verge.

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CES doesn't just focus on electronics and automotive; It is also a showcase for innovation in health and wellness. From hearing aids to telehealth devices to sleep-enhancing technologies, the show covers a wide spectrum. Also highlighting the importance of beauty this year, L'Oréal is scheduled to deliver a keynote address on Tuesday.

LG's message: They present their technology lab

At the center of its presentation is LG Labs, a marketing platform specializing in experimental but innovative products and services. This year, LG has doubled the space dedicated to LG Labs compared to previous CES, to explore and present creative ideas tailored to a wide range of lifestyles and customer experiences.

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Among the stars of the show, LG Labs' Dukebox stood out, an audio product that combines nostalgic vacuum tube technology with the modernity of a transparent OLED panel. This device not only recreates the audio and video experience, but also offers a unique visual aesthetic with the ability to adjust the transparency of the OLED panel and trigger a vacuum tube audio system in a sleek glass case.

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LG is also unveiling an upgraded version of its LG Labs Bon Voyage, a nature-based custom living space solution. Redesigned based on customer recommendations, this compact, mobile space, with mobility-friendly dimensions, has all the comforts of home, including a bed, refrigerator, electric stove and other essential appliances for comfortable outdoor living.

Another innovation is DUOBO from LG Labs. A coffee machine capable of extracting two different capsules simultaneously. Inspired by space exploration, DUOBO was launched in the US through a crowdfunding campaign, and its display space includes a large-scale model with the attractive space icon character CUBO.

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LG's smart coffee machine.

Also, LG plans to showcase several innovative products including LG Cinebeam Cube, LG Gram Fold, LG Technology Challenges.

Hyo-Eun Kim, Vice President and Head of LG's Brand Management Division, emphasized the company's commitment to provide global customers with a hands-on experience of products and services that embody the “pioneer DNA” of LG Electronics. At CES 2024.

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