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On Wednesday, the Defense Minister, George ChavezHe pointed out that five important points must be worked on to prevent citizens from entering Peru irregularly.

According to him, they found out He pointed out that five important points along the Canal Zone, starting from the Papaya area and ending at Aguas Verdes, will be reinforced with members of the armed forces.

Jesús Gerardo Risco Morales, president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Aguas Verdes – a town in Tumbes, in the northwestern tip of the country – told the Gestion that the violence crisis is already affecting the entire border community.

“Commercial shops in the Aguas Verdes areas were closed on Tuesday, to prevent any act of violence along this border (…) we saw an increase in police presence from both Ecuador and Peru. The presence of members of the Peruvian Army”, Accurate.

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In a conversation with Gestion, he indicated that traffic on the international bridge was restricted on Wednesday, but as the hours passed, the pass was made more flexible and restrictions were resumed for all those entering and exiting the country. “On Wednesday, 60% of the shops were open, located in the area near the Aguas Verdes Police Station. However, this Thursday, only 40% are open. Fewer shops are open today than yesterday.

Earlier in the day, 50 agents Dinos They joined the 400 agents already in the area to beef up security.

Promises of Risco Morales Lima “A day flower. “Congressman Hector Ventura knows this problem, we've been working on it for years; “but the problem remains, with the addition of organized gangs, murderers, extortionists, Venezuelans entering.”

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Impact on the level of cross-border trade

Oscar Quinones BalzaEcuador is an important country, especially for small and medium businesses, according to Guestion, president of the Lima Chamber of Commerce's Business Research and Development Institute (IDEXCOM); “Countries of the Region as Destinations for Peruvian Exports.”

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However, he warned that the current state of emergency should not affect trade. “Economic activities are paralyzed only because the authorities are interfering with the people. So, the impact will not be big,” he said.

However, he admitted it There may be some impacts at the transboundary levelFor example, if you decide to close the border. A move never before contemplated by the Peruvian government.

“We have food in cross-border trade. They are goods sold at the border, for the population of the area. Meanwhile, foreign trade will continue, perhaps a little slower because of the restrictions, but they will not stop.”he said.

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Goods imported and exported

According to idexcamFrom January to November, our exports to Ecuador include: animal feed, fish feed, refined copper wire, lubricants, some minerals, etc.

Meanwhile, our imports from Ecuador are: crude oil, US$148 million; Globed wood planks for US$70 million; kitchens for domestic use, US$ 40 million, among others.

“Between January and November 2023, we imported US$555 million from Ecuador, while we exported US$1,079 million to that country”Quiñones explained.


As for fuel, the head of Idexcam pointed out that this product continues to be subsidized in Ecuador.So it is cheaper than Peru. Last year, he recalled, efforts were made to approve regulations that would have barred cargo vehicles from fitting new tanks to bring cheaper fuel.

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