CES 2024: The Best, Worst and Most Curious of the Tech Show

As usual every year, technical calendar Ineligible With the month of January Consumer Electronics Show Held on American soil. The 2024 edition repeated old habits: headquarters in Las Vegas and presentations in various sectors of the industry, emanating from Sin City.

Held between Tuesday and Friday this week, CES 2024 Tackled the hottest tech trends and produced some disappointments. Devices of interest to the tech buff also shined at the party. We review them below as we prepare for Mobile World Congress in Barcelona at the end of February.

The best of CES 2024

as usual, The most attractive thing about CES is the versatility of advertisements. For the unsuspecting, this American exhibition is characterized by its commonality throughout history. A recent version extended that nature: new computers, televisions, robots and home appliances kept that flame burning.

CES editions are characterized by their generality. By: Reuters

Already on the first day, notebooks from several brands were announced: Lenovo, Alienware, MSI, Acer and Razer. If we had to pick a standout in this category, the honor goes to him Asus Zenbook Duo laptop 2024, updated with its unique project: two screens in one body. As we are TN Techno, the equipment supports different applications depending on how the panels are arranged, which are connected with a hinge. Additionally, it has a wireless keyboard that can be removed and reattached using a magnetic system.

The ZenBook Duo model offers a pair of panels, a detachable Bluetooth keyboard, and military-grade ruggedness.

Let's talk about televisions. If we review the history of CES, we will find some truly relevant announcements in this area. In different editions of the technology exhibition, high-definition screens were shown for the first time, displaying 3D images and models with 4K resolution. True milestones of the genre. This year, manufacturers are not far behind. Focused transparent screens.

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Transparent TVs took a lot of flash at CES 2024. (Photo: AFP)

As we explained this week, these are televisions with translucent and naturally wireless bodies. Samsung showed off a more conceptual model, while LG made do with the OLED T, a 77-inch 4K screen whose images seem to float in mid-air.

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To close the review The best presentations at CES 2024Let's look at the field Video games. While the US event is not notable for announcements for gamers, it is interesting to note that E3's eventual demise is a fair one. Gamer The historic event, which will no longer be held – will encourage many companies in the segment to showcase their new products at the Consumer Electronics Show.

The gaming accessories manufacturer showed off the haptic backrest at the show. (Video: Racer)

presentation Gamer The most attractive in the latest edition of CES is courtesy of the manufacturer Razer, which was presented at the exhibition The Esther Project. It sounds biblical, but it's a fascinating combination Software Y Hardware With the aim of providing more immersive experiences. What is this idea about? It is a cushion that is placed on the back of the chair and creates movements similar to what is happening on the screen. It's like carrying the vibration of joysticks on your back. For example, it recreates an explosion or the heartbeat of the game's protagonist, the site tells us. IGN. There is no release date or price yet for this technology.

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The worst of CES 2024

It wasn't all rosy at the Las Vegas tech show: some of the presentations let us down Little taste. One of the CES's entertainers, Sony, one of the giants of the industry, appears on this idiosyncratic list. Although the Japanese firm flashed its Affila electric car – developed in collaboration with Honda – with some announcements such as the possibility of driving it with a PlayStation joystick; Some of the new features for the console left many disappointed. At CES 2024, Sony only showed three new colors for the PS5 Slim.

New colors for PS5 Slim: A fitting announcement? (Photo: EFE)

And, let us not be disappointed The smartphone is not the first in the business. Manufacturers in this sector usually wait for MWC days. Also, it is more common for companies to focus on their own events outside of the big fairs. For example, Samsung will showcase the new Galaxy S24 series on January 17 between CES and Barcelona Mobile Congress. Middle Ham.

Finally, in between CES 2024's Weak Points We can mention its weakness in the face of Apple's announcement. What happened? Neither slow nor lazy, the company with the bitten apple announced on Tuesday, January 9 – the same day the Las Vegas show opened its doors to the public – that Vision Pro glasses will make their market debut on February 2. And with that, it overshadowed the first CES presentations. Smart, Apple people.

3 interests at CES 2024

As we mentioned, successive editions of the Consumer Electronics Show were characterized not only by the most “formal” products, but also by some strange devices. More interesting than useful. The latest edition revives that tradition. Below are some of them Key interests at CES 2024.

  • Music for pets, created by AI: One By One Music, Una Initial A Japanese company presented at CES 2024 a unique system that creates songs with artificial intelligence to relieve stress for dogs. According to them, it shrinks the nerves of dogs by 84%. Of course: the ones who are prone to stress are the owners, because the service requires a fee equivalent to 6 dollars a month.
  • A cat door with AI: The Initial Flappie demonstrated a gate for cats in Las Vegas that uses artificial intelligence to detect prey in its mouth and prevent it from entering homes with dead mice. Also, the device recognizes whether the cat that wants to enter is the “owner” of the house or an intruder beyond the party walls. To do this, it uses identification chips.
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A flappy cat door detects whether the cat has prey in its mouth. (Photo: Flappy)

  • A toilet that understands user commands: Kohler was present at CES 2024 with a series of products for the smart bathroom. A toilet compatible with virtual assistants is one of the most notable. Thus, users can talk to the toilet to perform various tasks, for example heating the table.

What about the toilet? (Photo: Kohler)

With CES 2024 in the rearview mirror, the next relevant stop on the tech calendar will be the first to show a focus on mobile commerce. MWC 2024 will be held in Barcelona from February 26 to 29.

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