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The Congressional Committee on Education, Youth, and Sports decided to agree to the opinion of two bills proposed to replace Act 28044, Section 36 of the Public Education Act. Register In education centers for elementary and primary levels of education.

What is the new age for enrollment in elementary and primary levels?

According to the legislative initiative, Admissions for girls and boys of 3, 4 and 5 years of age who are part of the primary stage will be done on the calendar of 31st May of every school year.. Additionally, Admissions for children about to enter the first grade of primary school “will be conducted chronologically by age from 31st May of each school year.”Expresses the opinion.

As known, until now the deadline in our country is March 31. In addition, the Commission emphasized that the established date will enable the child to face his academic status with emotional and cognitive maturity. The legislative initiative now remains to be approved by a full session of Congress with more than 66 votes in favor of the plan to be implemented next year.

Civil School Calendar 2023

Minedu has set civic dates for the year 2023, in which the country’s schools, public or private, can commemorate these events through dialogue about the events in national and international territory. Below, we present the list for the months of October, November and December:

  • October 1: Journalist’s Day
  • October 1: Children’s week.
  • October 5: Anniversary of Heroic Deed of Daniel Alcides Carrion.
  • October 6: The day of the famous traditionalist Don Ricardo Palma.
  • October 8: Angamos Battle Day.
  • October 8: Physical Education and Sports Day.
  • 2nd. Wednesday in October: International Day for Disaster Reduction.
  • October 12 °: The Invention of America.
  • October 16: National Day of Persons with Disabilities.
  • October 16: World Food Day.
  • October 16: day United Nations.
  • October 17th: International Day for Eradication of Poverty.
  • October 21: National Energy Conservation Day.
  • 31 October: Day of Creole Song.
  • November 1: National Forest Week.
  • November 4: Rebellion of Túpac Amaru II.
  • 2nd. Week of November: Animal Life Week.
  • November 10: School Library Week.
  • November 20: The day of the Universal Declaration of Children’s Rights and the launch of Children’s Week.
  • November 27: Battle of Tarabaga.
  • November 27: Andrés Avelino Caceres.
  • December 1: World AIDS Day.
  • December 9: Anniversary of the Battle of Ayacucho.
  • December 10: Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • December 14: Peru Cooperative Day.
  • December 25: Christmas.
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