Claiming to have worked for Columbian Studio Ghibli – Gudasai is going viral

In the last hours, Studio Ghibli It has become a trend on social networks, but not for the reason you might think. Everything leads to Geraldine Fernandez Ruiz is a Colombian womanHe assured that till the end Worked with Studio Ghibli Production La calardonada pelicula de Hayao Miyazaki, “Kimitachi wa do iguru ka (Boy and Heron)”.

Given the globalization of anime and the need for studios to hire more animation staff, Japan has hired foreign talent for its productions. It is very common for users to claim to have worked on anime production on Twitter and show cuts (i.e., scenes) in which they participated.

However, Geraldine Fernandez Ruiz said that he worked with Studio Ghibli and produced “more than 25 thousand frames for the film”, the equivalent of a 35-minute film. From this point on, netizens began to doubt his story, but the media rushed to cover the news, practically begging him for an interview.

Of course, the Colombians soon became proud that one of them was able to participate in one of the most prestigious anime studios in Japan, under the guidance of the legendary director Hayao Miyazaki. In the interviews she participated in, she said that the girl “created most of the animations in the film” and that she was so recognized at the studio that Hayao Miyazaki began to refer to her as “Columbian”.

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Unfortunately for Geraldine, it wasn't the 80s where you could say anything stupid and there was no internet to confirm the information. Sites like IMDb are responsible for listing all the crew involved in an animated film, and since it's already been published on this side of the pond, the records are more accurate. Hence, internet users soon discovered that there was no one named “Geraldine Fernandez Ruiz” in the production.

In fact, the production of “Kimitachi wa to Igiru ka (The Boy and the Heron)” has only two animators from outside of Japan, indicating Studio Ghibli's effort to work exclusively with Japanese talent. But many did not have enough experience on the Internet, and began to call everyone who accused Gerald of telling lies “jealous”.

  • «If her name is changed or she's not credited for some reason, she's not in the credits. For reference, the complete list of animators (there are two foreigners, but none match their name)».

But the woman continued her story and said that she attended the Golden Globe Awards and many people discovered her true intentions. In her opinion, the woman began to thank the Colombian businessman for his support “in her life as an entertainer”, revealing that he had been raising the reputation of the subject from the beginning.

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final, The most convincing evidence came from Julieta ColasA Latino entertainer living in Japan who openly accused the “Colombian” of telling a set of lies:

  • «This woman claims to have worked on “The Boy and the Heron”. He claims that he personally drew 25 thousand frames for the film from Columbia, and Miyazaki even knows his name. She calls herself an “illustrator” all the time. He did not show a parable. What eggs should lie in this way», he wrote on Twitter.
  • And continued: “There are Latina women who have really worked in the animation industry (I'm one of them, I live in Japan), and they've worked hard at it (I'm traumatized enough), and all these scammers who will appear one day are misinformed.».

Animator Sakura Kayama also elaborated on this:

In fact, they also discovered that all the illustrations and projects that Geraldine Fernandez Ruiz was boasting of participating in on LinkedIn and Instagram were actually stolen from other illustration accounts. It is certainly proud when a Latino animator provides evidence to prove that he participated in the production of anime, an increasingly popular entertainment medium around the world.

Unfortunately, Latin America once again fell from the grace of the world with this shameful act of “Colombian” and all the media that viralized it without bothering to verify anything.

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