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The ruling party’s candidate for the post of President Mexico, Claudia SheinbaumThe president’s government heads into the June 2 elections with hopes among its supporters that the social support and policies of the “Fourth Amendment,” as it is known, will continue. Andrés Manuel López Obrador. This expectation was echoed by many who attended the rallies that brought together thousands of supporters of the National Regeneration Movement (MORINA), Labor (PT) and the Greens, which form the Let’s Keep Making History coalition championed by Sheinbaum.

Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo (Mexico City, 1962). Close to the President Since 2000, when he was secretary of the environment of Mexico City, during the administration Lopez Obrador Head of government until 2006, she held the same position in 2018, then First Lady.

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Mexico is ready for a president, an astronaut, an engineer. Mexican women have been ready for a long time“, he repeated.

SheinbaumJewish descent, He boasts that his political origins come from childhood. Because his parents participated in the 1968 student movement, which encouraged his activism.

Claudia Scheinbaum speaks at a campaign event in Puebla. (EFE/Hilda Ríos).

His political career began Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) -Any one Lopez Obrador He was a two-time presidential candidate – he joined in 1989.

“It’s been an extraordinary campaign, a lot of commitment from people, a lot of love, and the truth is I’m excited and excited,” Scheinbaum said. to EFE on the last day of the campaign in the city of Guadalajara (Jalisco, western Mexico) before ending its campaign this Wednesday in Mexico City.

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Outside an election event in the Magdalena Contreras mayoral office, south of the Mexican capital, trader Olga Limas sells small ornaments in the shape of ducks with the hairstyle of the presidential candidate of the ruling Morena party.

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The seller commented, “He said he wanted to do it to be supportive Claudia and for the support of the President” because in his family “they alwaysLabor workers“, as followers Lopez Obradorwhose steps Sheinbaum Continued for many years.

Limas said As head of government, Scheinbaum, “like everybody else,” “had his faults, But hopefully those mistakes will help her learn, and she shares the “pride” of becoming the “first president” in Mexico’s history.

Claudia Sheinbaum votes in Mexico’s general election this Sunday, June 2, at a school in Mexico City. (EFE/ José Méndez).

“Very Ready” to Continue Change

A song repeated at campaign events goes ““Next Claudia”He calls her “a great mother” and “a very prepared woman”.

Scheinbaum studied physics at the Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).There he earned a doctorate in energy engineering and is a member of the National Institute of Researchers, also known as “Dr.”

He joined the cabinet in 2000 Lopez ObradorWhen he was the Chairman of the then Central District Government.

He worked there as a secretary environment And in 2006 he became the spokesman for the first campaign of the current president for the presidency of Mexico.

In Guadalajara, Victoria Vega, a doctor by profession, said she could not miss the result of her favorite candidate, who traveled with a friend.

Claudia Sheinbaum greeted during her campaign in Mexico City’s Zócalo. (EFE/ Isaac Esquivel).

“I’m surprised there are so many people (there) after such a dirty war” In his comments, he described Sheinbaum as a “very prepared” woman, but also “sensitive, looking for a continuation of López Obrador, helping those most in need.”

own Sheinbaum The campaign did not fail to remember thatHis mission is to prolong and deepen the transformation started by López Obrador, whom he refers to as “the best president in the history of Mexico.”

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In particular, he has reiterated his commitment to carry forward the social programs launched by the current president targeting the low-income population, which are very popular in the country.

This was highlighted by Rocio Jiménez Acosta, a resident of the capital’s Malinche neighborhood, who he considers “an achievement”. Morena “Creating social supports or programs” in “law” to refer to initiatives to enhance the constitutionality of these social policies.

“We are very impressed with the community programs that will be offered to all of us here,” she assured, as she organized with neighbors to show their support for the candidate at the event. They came with their “own resources”.

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