Conflict in Ukraine, Conte warns: “There is no war economy”

Military Escalation in Ukraine and Risk to the Future of the European Union. During the Confindustria Young Entrepreneurs Conference in Rapallo, President of the 5 Star Movement, Giuseppe ConteThe conflict between Moscow and Q revealed a series of important considerations about the future of Europe.

“There is a completely passive and accepting way of experiencing the current geopolitical situation. “I see it as adopting a war economy,” he declared. HistoryHighlighting the need for a more proactive and responsible approach to the risk of military expansion.

He then emphasized the criticism of this moment, “After unjustified aggression Russia The logic of military expansion was adopted towards Ukraine, which implied the deployment of increasingly sophisticated weapons. Europe today finds itself at a crossroads and must make a choice.”

At the same time, the former prime minister focused on the role and future of the European Union and proposed the enlargement of the European Union to the Balkans to create concrete expectations among the candidate countries. He also underlined the importance of breaking the consensus principle within the EU and giving more powers to the European Parliament to foster effective and participatory governance.

Finally, the leader of the 5 Star Movement added a comment about the super bonus, declaring that “the super bonus has become a super alibi for the Maloney government.”

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