Congress News – They recognize the work of technology in support of sports

The Senate of the Republic recognized the work of scientists focused on the development of technology focused on improving the performance of high-performance athletes in their fields.

During the event, Senator Ana Lilia Rivera Rivera, Chairman of the Board of Directors, recognized the work of the Upper House in discussing and addressing all the issues of the country. For this reason, it celebrated scientific and technological advances with a sports focus on strengthening and improving the human body.

The President of the Senate recalled the initiatives and actions in support of the integration and regulation of innovations carried out by legislators with the aim of impacting medicine and sports.

For his part, Senator Jorge Carlos Ramírez Marín (PVEM), head of the Science and Technology Commission, stressed the importance of promoting sport, which is why he recognized it. He highlighted the close relationship between technology and sport in the 21st century and how new technologies have been integrated into sporting activities and the spectator experience.

Senator José Alfredo Botello Montes (PAN) stressed the need to promote innovation in fields such as the treatment of athletes. However, he felt that ancestral medicine could be a viable option for treating high-performance athletes.

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