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Mendoza is clearly the land of wine. From the more than a thousand wineries found in the province to the wine culture that exists there, but we discovered so much more when we visited this part of Argentina. Its fine gastronomy uses fresh ingredients, creativity and a lot of judgment when choosing the perfect accompaniment for each bite. Here we present 5 restaurants in luxury hotels Advantage Can attend without being a guest.

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Seven fire

Undoubtedly, if we mention Francis Malman, every Argentine recognizes him as one of the best and most famous chefs in Argentina. In Mendoza, especially The Vines – a resort and spa in the Yugo Valley -, you will find Chite Fuegos, one of the most recognized and classic projects of a chef whose culinary philosophy is governed by the love and celebration of fire. Combustion and their potential in gastronomy.

Ojo de Bife is one of the most classic cuts to enjoy at this restaurant.

As Jonathan Paves, the restaurant’s executive chef, explained to us, this place brings together exclusively used fire techniques. “In our kitchen we don’t use water or electric stoves to cook, we focus on the versatility of fire and explore with meats, vegetables and other ingredients,” he points out.

It is worth highlighting the great work these chefs do, because their kitchen is outside, and they have to deal with weather conditions (such as rain or strong winds). Precisely, the mastery of this great team is found there.

Seven Fires Gnocchi.

Our feast began with a delicious grilled polenta – very creamy inside – served with burnt tomato sauce, Provençal mushrooms and cheese. We continue with the gnocchi, a dish that has been at this restaurant since its inception. In this case, each one passes through an iron box, which browns them and gives them a special taste. They are served with bacon, garlic, tomato, shrimp, cheese and basil. A combination rarely found on an individual level, but one that surprised me with how balanced and delicious each bite was.

We also tasted the classic rib eye, well-cooked, with smashed potatoes, an impressive chimichurri and a salad of parsley, bell peppers, radishes, red onions and cherry tomatoes.

Dessert is a (almost sinful) pancake filled with dulce de leche and a delicious caramel topping. To balance the situation, they include a sweet orange roasted and caramelized. And as if that wasn’t enough, they come with an extra touch of whipped cream and dulce de leche.

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Missing dessert is a pancake filled with dulce de leche.

Between the heavens

One of the hotels that most intrigued us was Entre Cillos because of its proposition that combines luxury, relaxation and sustainability. His dishes, like his proposal, are full of delicious, creative options, but always light and use vegetables, all played with a modern touch.

They have menu options in 3 or 5 steps, with respective pairings with wines specially selected to complement the experience. If you don’t like these guided options, you can choose the à la carte option. It, though small, has options for all tastes and you can see the planning behind its creation.

Mendoza Meat Empanadas.

The starter consisted of two perfect Mendoza empanadas. A thin dough made with minced meat and a hearty Creole stew, strong enough to contain a juicy filling. They perfectly complement a criolla, a kind of sauce with onions and other ingredients, but cut into small cubes, as an accompaniment that is repeated in other cases.

Below was a portion of mushroom capellacchi, a type of pasta cooked al dente with a cream filling. Its powerful fuchsia color is derived from beetroot cream (or beetroot, as they call it in Argentina) and touches of texture are provided by pangrattato (breadcrumbs) and the sesame seeds that crown it. Very subtle and light flavor.

Mushroom Capellaci with Beetroot Sauce.


Learn more about their proposal Here or visiting their Instagram profile (@entrecielos)

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Club Tapestry

The first dinner of a trip usually sets the tone and expectations for the rest of the day and the gastronomic program at Club Tapis Restaurant does not disappoint. Soledad Nartelli is the chef responsible for creating the concept and menu of this place. He, along with an excellent team that serves the public every day, offers a complete experience with a seasonal menu that is very simple and fresh, but no less sophisticated, delicious and creative.

What stands out from this experience is the use and exploitation of the land, as they have their own organic garden where they grow most of the ingredients they use. Depending on the different seasons, you can find different types of squash, tomatoes and spinach, as well as spinach, chard, asparagus, melons, watermelon, strawberries, pears, etc.

Sweetbreads with Cabernet

When it comes to appetizers, breaded provoletta is an elevated version of the classic baked cheese, but served with spiced apple chutney, raisins and seasonal sprouts. We were surprised by the sweetbreads with Cabernet – I admit, a snack I tried here for the first time – thanks to its mild taste, which perfectly complemented the cauliflower and thyme puree. The roasted peanuts and crunchy crumbs gave it a great texture.

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The eye of steak is a classic cut that can’t be missed and is both basic and versatile. Without too much seasoning to highlight the flavor of the meat, it is cooked to the perfect point and topped with potato cream and roasted garlic, slices of cantimbalo (a type of chorizo) and onion.

Steak eye with potato cream and roasted garlic.

We tried the best pasta of the trip here. Sorrentinos of roasted pumpkin, walnuts and smoked ricotta were paired with a delicate sauvignon blanc and sage cream that didn’t compete with the hearty filling, but rather complemented it. The inside was soft, creamy, sweet and comforting.

In desserts, we bring back our alfajar, a curious version of the classic dessert and beloved Argentinian sweet. It’s a dulce de leche ice cream topped with carob flour and served with carob coffee liqueur.

Our favorite pasta dish is Club Tapis’ Roasted Pumpkin Sorrentinos.


Tapestry Club has Website e Instagram (@bodegatapiz), you can discover their commitment to accommodation, wines and gastronomy.

House of Yuko

This family project arose as an opportunity to make delicious wines and a vineyard. But thanks to the integration of the different interests of those involved, Casa de Yuco is a place where you can enjoy the valley and the architecture of the hotel, characterized by classic materials, open, modern and minimalist spaces. A warm place that does not leave the sophistication created by the prestigious studio Alberto Tonconagi & Associados.

Its gastronomic proposal seeks to celebrate the riches that the Yugo Valley has to offer, where it achieves a complete, attractive menu based on the seasons in collaboration with Argentine flavors and local producers.

From a good wine to a good bread, it’s in the details that keep you coming back to certain places. Casa de Yuco is one of the places that care for them. For the first part of dinner, we wanted to go for something light and different, so we went for a burrata. This soft cheese is served with a fennel pulp and pear and vanilla. The strong flavor of the fennel is balanced by the creaminess of the cheese and nicely complements the mild sweetness of the fruit.

Visiting Argentina and not eating Milanese is a mistake I cannot allow. So we opted for this restaurant’s version, which undoubtedly marked the before and after of my Milanese consumption. Big, thick, undercooked meat and extra crispy breading, it was the best of the night.

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We capped off the party with a cobbler of pears and toffee that came to the table piping hot, and the creamy ice cream that was served was incredible.


If you want to know more about the accommodation and its restaurant, visit it Website o Instagram (@casadeuco)


Susana Balbo Unique Stays is a unique stay named after the country’s first winemaker. He, together with his daughter Ana, decided to use this house and turn it into a cozy place with 7 rooms, where everything revolves around Susanna’s history and life and – of course – wine.

First stop is the bar where they serve classic cocktails and 7 signature cocktails. We tried the Limon, a refreshing and citrusy drink that includes limoncello, lemon juice, simple syrup, peaches and sparkling wine.

Lemon Cocktail, Susanna Balbo from Unique Stays Bar.

The name of the restaurant is another nod to this theme and they offer 4 or 7 course dinners. The Chef’s Table is an interesting experience where you can enjoy 14 interesting steps with the labels of Susana Balbo wines. At this place, as we could see, you have access to gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian dishes.

Some of the cookies (or crackers) brought from home are AB (purple corn) and Merken with wheat flour and butter. As a first step we went for the very chilled squid tartar, served with green cream, sriracha air and roasted capers for just the right crunchy touch.

We continue with pasta filled with smoked kaboodia (a type of pumpkin), cheese water and basil. The third step was the well-aged beef filet, served medium rare as we ordered. It is served with portobello mushrooms, milk and zarilla, a Mendoza plant with a specific flavor that we have not tried before.

I still think about the dessert I enjoyed here. A traditional toffee cake with chocolate and perfect salt flakes. The sweetness of the caramel is balanced by the bitterness of the chocolate and the salt adds a sweet touch. A mushroom ice cream was tempting – yes, when you read that – it gave off an indescribable but memorable flavor.


Susana Balbo is a private residence A Website and an Instagram profile (@susanabalbohotels), you can learn more about the winemaker and his daughter’s proposal.

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