Crazy Ortega justifies lying about a woman threatening Milena Zárate: “I don’t want to involve third parties” | Magali Medina | Magaly TV: The Firm | Juan Carlos Ulloa The Partner | programs

After unmasking, Greasy broke his silence, however, giving a version that left more questions than answers.

Creasy Ortega is in the eye of the storm after revealing she knew the woman who threatened her brothers with death. Milena Zarate and Juan Carlos Ulloa.

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After exposure through ‘Maghali TV: The Burm’Creasy decided to speak for an entertainment program and gave explanations about why she hid her relationship with her husband’s cousin, Ítalo Villaseca.

I said I don’t know the girl for the simple fact that no third party should be involved”, he started pointing out.

Crazy Ortega denied that her husband’s aunt, Olenka Villaseca, had any responsibility for the threats against her sister. In these ways, he gave a new version of the facts that left more doubts than answers.

“When she was in Spain they had an ‘X’ meeting, and in that meeting she has her cell phone, she has photos with me, she has photos with Edalo, she has photos with her family. She told me, ‘All of a sudden, I’ve listed Edalo as the nephew and you as Creasy Ortega, so they’re upset. wanted to do, but directly on my behalf your sister”He insisted.

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