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Gracie Ortega In contact with the program “Magali TV: La Firme”, he announced that he would return to Peru, despite his sister’s complaint. Milena Zarate.

The Colombian woman said she is leaving the United States because the country has yet to find stability.

“I have a child and I can’t leave her with a stranger. I have to take care of them and they don’t let me work.Magali said Ortega for the cameras.

Gracie promised that Ítalo Villaseca would stay in America and take over the family finances from there.

“I will go alone. We will be more stable there (in Peru). Obviously, he will not stay for three or four years, he will only stay for a moderate amount of time.”He explained.

Milena Zárate releases audios of threats she receives

Through her Instagram account, dancer Milena Jared shared audio of a male and female voice asking the Colombian not to confuse Edalo Villaseca or his own sister, as they could attack him.

“I am going to take Sita from you…, kill the garbage again… and complain to me, garbage, Parera son, stop bothering my sister. We’re in Los Angeles, let her go, it’s over, I’m going to kill you. You… report me to my poor nephew, you want to mess with Ítalo, don’t you? Leave it sisterShe is not alone, she is with us.”is asked in the material.

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