‘Economics is about more than profit, it must address human well-being’

‘Economics is about more than profit, it must address human well-being’

The economist and presidential candidate spoke in “Portada” about his economic proposal, his foreign policy and the unemployment challenge.

Third among the front-runners for the free nomination is economist Maribel Gordon, who is emerging as a potential disruptor in the May 2024 election. In the presidential election.

In “Portada” of La Estrella de Panamá, Gordon analyzes the situation in the country and his campaign. “This is a country that has grown at a double-digit rate, but poverty, inequality, exclusion and unemployment are deepening because they keep economic development as a matter of public affairs, not economic development that refers to human well-being,” he said.

The professor from the University of Panama explained that part of his plans is to review what he calls the country’s “excessive economy,” which gives an unequal and concentrated place to the tertiary and service sectors over other manufacturing sectors.

“This (service) sector is not bad. The problem is that it always serves someone, not the national economy. We propose to develop the productive sectors of agriculture, industry and agro-industry,” the author said.

Another of his promises was to create employment with “decent wages” and “guarantee food security” through the development of agribusiness.

The economist noted that he would also consider addressing monopolies in products such as medicines, food and basic services as “strategic measures” for the country.

“Constitutional provisions state that there shall be no monopolies or autocracies (…) economic policy must conform to the terms and definitions (of the Constitution). 600% extra profit on the cost of a drug is not speculation,” Gordon emphasized.

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According to the author, it is necessary to increase people’s purchasing power, and that includes raising wages, which will allow the “circular flow of the economy” to address unemployment and informality.

“Salaries do not inhibit production, on the contrary, a population with a salary level allows it to meet its basic living needs, a population that demands goods and services. In the logic of demand, you have to produce more and invest more,” he said.

“A country that does not produce cannot create employment (…) We condemn the lack of opportunities for this generation or the future,” he stressed.

In terms of infrastructure investment, the previous candidate talked about improving school facilities, focusing on investments in housing development in the face of housing shortages.

On foreign policy, Gordon promised that his plan would be “backed by the national interest”. One of the problems we have is that the Panamanian governments are subservient to certain interests.

He said he would protect people’s right to self-determination and maintain respect and harmony with the US and China. He said that as long as our right to self-determination is respected, there should not be any problem.

The complete interview can be found on all digital channels of La Estrella de Panamá


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