Cry recounts his experience in Peru after an eventful meeting with fans: “I feared for my own life”

Cry talks about her experience in Peru. The streamer said he never imagined the joy of his Peruvian fans and would do it again. TikTok

Disturbing Little did he imagine that his arrival in Peru would cause such a stir among his loyal followers. The Spanish streamer arrived Plaza Norte Shopping Center A meet and greet with 300 people said. However, as thousands of fans arrived at the venue, the area was in a frenzy.

Then the situation worsened Disturbing Trapped in one of the lifts due to a technical glitch, he found a way out amid screams from fans. Also, due to the pressure of the crowd, the glass door of the shopping center broke, causing minor injuries to the participants.

By broadcasting with his followers, Disturbing He noted this moment. Although he indicated that he feared for his life, the Spaniard admitted that he would return to Peru several times.

“I've seen everything, we've been everywhere, to begin with, I'm happy. I had fun, I had a good time. Right now, yeah I feared for my own life, but I don't regret it and would do it again every day of the week. For me it was incredible, someone who has spent most of his life sitting in a chair is talking to you,” said the content creator, canceling rumors about his desire not to return to our country.

Cry spoke about his experience in Peru after the incident at a shopping center.

“Those experiences will never scare me or make me say, 'Cry now, I don't want to go back to Peru.' I'll come back tomorrow and do another meet & greet, and whatever happens, I care more not only for myself, but for everyone there,” she cried.

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The Spaniard indicated that he was shocked by the fans' cheers. Plaza Norte Shopping Center Minutes passed.

“I loved the enthusiasm of the people, how alive they were, crazy. Many things happened. Everything was good, the problem was that everyone expected 300 people, maximum 600 people. In the end a calculation was made and there were 8 to 12 thousand people, a small first problem. . I said 'no problem' so people wouldn't get bored. “I stayed an extra hour than I agreed to because there were a lot of people waiting in line,” he said. DisturbingHe mentioned that he tried to meet all the fans by taking photos and more came and it was not wise to stay any longer.

“The people in the plaza (Plaza Norte) kindly asked us to leave. I am satisfied, I gave everything, my knees were already shaking from standing, until the last person, I said to everyone 'Hello, how are you? Thank you for coming, take care, have a nice day.' “It sounds easy and fun, but say it a thousand times in a row. My voice and throat broke, and my head hurt,” he said.

Cry came to Peru to launch its new footwear line in collaboration with the famous company A sneaker brand. On this visit, the streamer experienced situations of confusion and disruption caused by an unexpected crowd of followers.

This incident took place last month Monday, April 11What was planned as a pleasant meet & greet turned into a scene of tension and anxiety for both the influencer and the participants.

Cry, the Spanish streamer, caused a stir in the Independencia shopping center | TikTok

area North Lima Overwhelmed by hundreds of fans eager to interact with the streamer, the result was long lines and chaotic moments. The situation worsened when the glass door of the compound was broken Disturbing He was momentarily stuck in the elevator due to a technical glitch. Fortunately, these incidents did not escalate to major consequences, although some fans sustained minor injuries.

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The streamer is back Twitter to share their reflections on the incident, expressing their concern for the “madness” experience and the safety of the participants. Despite the unfortunate events, he confirmed that apart from minor cuts, he was fine and none of his followers were seriously injured.

The fan attends Plaza Norte security. Capture/TikTok

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