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Appeared in Andrés Wiese 2024 pre-sale on America TelevisionGenerates speculation that the recalled Nicolas de las Casas may return ‘There’s room below.’

TROME – Andrés Weiss on pre-sale in America: Will the actor return to ‘Al Fondo Hay Sitio’ in 2024?

However, Wiese’s presence at the event was not related to his return to the series, but to the promotion of his show ‘Escápate’, which airs on TVGo.

Andrés Weiss reunites with Eric Elera

During the presentation, Andres shared several photos with the cast of the hit series, including his good friend Eric Elera. In a pre-sale video, Vice expressed his happiness over the success of ‘Escapade’, noting that dreams do come true.

The reunion of Andrés Weiss and Eric Elera was highlighted on social networks, in which the two actors played Joel Gonzalez and Nicolas de las Casas, respectively.

Andres shared the picture with a message that highlighted the lasting friendship between the two, which caused a stir among followers of the series: “Brother with my soul. “Best friends forever @erickeleraoficial #ElGuapoYelMásGuapo.”

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