Dayanita responded to the harsh criticism of her former colleagues from ‘JP N ATV’.

Dayanita responds to criticism from former colleagues of ‘JP N ATV’. (Instagram)

Dayanita Continues in Eye of the Storm after his sudden exit ‘JP and ATV’, Comedy show where he worked for almost 5 years. But a pause was the starting point for this distance, which ended in a total separation to be induced.

However, since his departure, Dayanita Began appearing on American television and shows ‘Eruption of the Cholas’ It is a direct competition of your previous job. This has generated endless criticism on social networks, however he has decided to continue his career and confirmed that he has a lot more to go.

Recently, he made some statements which he revealed he did not sign George Benavides Instead, they only had a verbal agreement to work together during the year.

“Truth has not signed any contract. I worked for almost five years, but I only signed the contract for two years. (At the last stage) it was like: “Dayanita, we continue the other year,” he revealed before ‘Chola Chapuka’.

Dayanita admitted that she never had a contract with ‘JP N ATV’ and tried to return to the show. America TV

Her recent statements have generated various criticisms among her former colleagues at the channel, who were quite surprised by her statements and did not hesitate to criticize her actions. also, Danny Rosales, The comedian who brought him to the show was very disappointed with him.

In this situation, the comedian decided to stay true to her style. Through his Instagram account, Dayanita She shares a glowing photo with one of her colleagues from ‘La casa de la Comedia’ and writes a short and strong message, nothing more than a note to members. ‘JP and ATV’.

“Anyone else want to weigh in?” she wrote, adding a heart emoji.

Dayanita responded to criticism from her former colleagues. (Instagram)

The comedian’s sarcastic tone was not well received by his followers. After a few hours she decided to close the comments, several threads written by netizens were against her and assured her that she lacked humility and “put her feet on the ground”.

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“Never bite the hand that feeds you”, “Don’t worry, your five minutes are up”, “You’re so arrogant”, “You have JB to thank for exposing you”, “No one worse than Judas could do it. Stay”, “You bit the hand that fed you, Malaso”. , “A direct note”, some comments from followers.

If users support Dayanita. (Instagram)

rooms Magali TV Law Firm They approached comedians ‘JP and ATV’ To get their views on Dayanita’s recent statements that she has no deal with George Benavides. These words were not received well by the comedians, who scolded her.

At first it showed disappointment Danny Rosales. As you may recall, comedian Jorge Benavides was the one who took the actress to meet her, which gave her the opportunity to break into the show and achieve the success she has now. “I told her, ‘Think carefully before you speak.'”

Dayanita’s former colleagues reacted to her latest statements.

On the other hand, Alfredo BenavidesThe comedian’s brother did the same, defending his brother and assuring him that he knows what he’s doing, which is why he’s had so many years of professionalism.

“I don’t think it’s important to answer something like that. I’ll just say one thing: I think the whole country realizes that you can’t go against the right person to question George (Benavides)’s treatment, work, years of experience and teaching. Answer”, he insisted.

The comedians of ‘JP N ATV’ are angry with Dayanita for speaking about the passing of the comedy show in the competition.

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