Dollar in Peru today, Thursday, October 12: What is the exchange rate indicated according to the BCRP? | economy

Check on this note The value of the dollar in Peru Today, Thursday, October 12, 2023, according to information provided by the Central Reserve Bank of Peru (BCRP) on its official channels. The US currency closed at S/3.831 at an average of S/3.8248 at the interbank exchange rate on Wednesday the 11th, as reported by the issuing agency. The high was S/3.8310 and the low was S/3.8190.

How much is the dollar today in Peru?

Yesterday, October 11, the dollar exchange rate was S/ 3,831 According to BCRP, its last day’s interbank exchange rate recorded a high of S/ 3.8310 and a low of S/ 3.8190.

As for the exchange rate for buying and selling provided by SUNAT, it is S/ 3.82 and S/ 3.828 respectively.

Finally, if you want to exchange dollars online, the website It is bought at S/ 3.81 and sold at S/ 3.83.

How was the dollar last week?

The interbank exchange rate averaged S/3.8280 last week, with a high of S/3.8360 and a low of S/3.8240, reported by the issuing company.

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According to the issuing company, the value of the US currency closed in the country on Thursday, October 5. S/3,8225, Average interbank rate of S/3.8256.

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Globally, the dollar continues to gain ground, said Azvim Asensios, currency trader at Renta4 SAB. “Global stocks fell on Monday as central banks reinforced their message that they will continue to raise interest rates in the coming months”said.

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Matías Maciel, co-founder of Rextie, opined that encouraging economic news from Europe and China is conspiring to put the US dollar in a better relative position against the rest of the world’s stronger currencies.

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