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Donald Trump He has established himself as the Republican favorite in the November presidential election America By beating their rivals this Monday Nikki Haley Y Ron DeSantis In state primary exams IowaAmid heavy snowfall, according to forecasts published in the American press.

Within half an hour of polling, CNN Y CBS They predicted the outcome in Trump's favor, not knowing by how much.

Check it out here: The Republican primaries, the first step in the US presidential election, begin in Iowa.

Iowa If Trump doesn't win as expected, it weighs heavily on the campaign, as his image as the undisputed favorite will diminish for the rest of the race.

At 7:00 p.m. (01:00 GMT Tuesday), voters in schools, libraries and fire stations in this midwestern state will hold the popular “Caucus” or election meetings.

After a prayer and the traditional Pledge of Allegiance to the American flag, representatives of the candidates gave a speech, and then participants wrote their choice on a piece of paper.

For the first time since leaving office, Trump, who faces four criminal charges ranging from possession of classified documents to trying to alter the results of the 2020 election, faces a vote by voters.

The 77-year-old former president (2017-2021) has an astonishing 50% advantage in voting intentions over his rivals in the polls.

This creates an overwhelming desire to challenge the Democratic leader in the November presidential election. Joe Biden.

I think we're going to have a wonderful night“Trump said in a video posted on social media. The magnate had an army of volunteers traveling to every corner of Iowa for months to rally voters.

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Second place

The question is who will take second place. Will one of Trump's rivals chip away at his enormous lead and establish himself in the future?

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Five candidates are vying to block his path White HouseBut it looks like only two more have a chance.

One is a former ambassador to the UN. Nikki HaleyShe is the only woman in the race and is highly admired by business circles.

Another one Ron DeSantisA conservative with very hard positions on immigration or abortion has bet everything on Iowa.

I'm asking you to come out, brave the cold, and support me during the Iowa caucuses” DeSantis told his supporters Monday morning.

To add to the uncertainty, Iowa is covered in a thick blanket of snow and the thermometer hovers near -30 degrees Celsius, which could dampen participation.

Iowa takes the lead

From next week, the primary calendar will list candidates that include a biotechnology entrepreneur Vivek RamasamyA New Hampshire. It will continue till June in other states.

In July, the Republican presidential nominee will be officially nominated during the National Convention.

Donald Trump He wants out of the competition before his trials begin, some of which could land him in prison.

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The Republican Party will live an unusual year in every sense, coming and going in the courts.

Meanwhile, Democrats are also holding primaries, but without much mystery.

Barring a last-minute surprise, octogenarian President Joe Biden, who already has strong support from his party, will be announced as the Democratic nominee in August despite his advanced age.

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